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  1. New Wedding Band African Blackwood and Padauk

    I've lost a little weight and needed a new wedding band so I made this from Blackwood and Padauk. Center ring is slightly slanted for character.
  2. Men's Wooden Clock

    Men's wooden watch How do you make look at my channel.
  3. Fancy Wood Canes

    Well here are a few of the canes I have made. I am designing and creating as I go, letting the wood "talk" to me. I am taking a more sculptural approach to the handles but foremost they MUST be comfortable and practical to hold and use. I believe function should be in tuned with beauty to...
  4. Manzanita Snake Head Cane

    Here is one of my favorite canes. This is made of a piece of Manzanita root and it was a gnarly piece full of dirt and rocks. The more I cleaned it, the more voids appeared and if it weren't such an interesting piece of wood, I would have tossed it. The white snake like head is the natural...
  5. Good Neighbor Tom's Valet box. Now with big ole finishing screed!

    I made this box for my neighbor Tom as a reward for the "too-many-to-count" times he has saved my bacon. The backstory is this. Tom has a background in engineering, with an immense technical knowledge. He is about my age (50-ish). Since moving into our neighborhood he and his wife Jeannie (who I...
  6. Men's Ring with Inlay

    I got bored today while working on reindeer and a box and so I decided to "wing it" and try making a ring for one of those "instant gratification" projects. It came pretty okay, although it's a bit thick yet and the inlay is a little crooked. I plan on trying to make more of these and...
  7. Blogs
    The Prototype I posted a few days ago the prototype design I came up with for a men's valet station. These were to be prizes to be presented at an upcoming golf tournament in November. I asked you all for input and comments on the design and of course I can always count on you guys just for...
  8. Designing Woodworking Projects
    WoodExpo 2012 is just around the corner. The annual celebration of woodworking will again feature a juried woodworking contest - which is still taking entries! Who's coming? Who's submitting work?
  9. Hand Tools
    Well today I finished rehabbing my old Bailey #5 planner. It only took me 2 days to complete. This was handed down to me by 3 generations of wood workers in my family, one to the next with my Dad handing it off to me. It looked terrible, here is what I started with. You can see I had my...
1-10 of 10 Results