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  1. Wedding Automaton

    This is a present for a recently married couple based on some of their wedding photos. They were married in a Scottish Castle with pipers and kilts, daffodils and snow.
  2. failed second generation lid

    In this top opening box with spring mechanism I try to make a Clarence Rennefeld inspired lid. But skills to make equal parts weren´t aquired yet. So, I make a new design looking to change errors into creativity. Woods are guayubira (sides), quina (picture frame), kiri, chancharana, nogal y...
  3. top opening spring mechanism box with inlay

    Other box inspired in Clarence Rannefeld book, but with better results :-). The mechanism is detailed in the blog In these box, because its size I put double latch and double spring. (hair buckle spring) woods are nogal (walnut), cedro (cedar), kiri y cancharana. Thanks for looking
  4. drawer box

    This is my Attempt 23. I love box with mechanisms, more than a box, they are a toy for me. I remember the hours playing with my grandma´s box before her eyes fearful. woods are laurel, cancharana, mora y lapacho. If some one is interested in the english name, I can search in my archive. In...
  5. Primitive/Rustic Folk Art Boxes

    "Under the Clouds;" "Cherries" and "Watermelon" Primitive Folik Art Boxes- a perfect place to store pens/pencils; kitchen utensils; picnic utensils; art supplies; toilet paper; cosmetics and just about anything else you can think of! ;) Dimensions are approximately 7inches by 7 inches by 6...
  6. combination lock drawer box with spring mechanism

    well, in the drawer box mechanism I wanted to work with sliding dovetail in order to make less evident the mechanism. First of all I work with equal lumber than side. Then I made a box (sailing box, coming soon in Lj :-) ) where my ploy were put four sliding dovetails (one worked, the other were...
  7. Cepheid: a kinetic sculpture

    Cepheid is a wooden kinetic sculpture named after pulsating stars. Its curvy, ray-like forms slice and meld into each other as they spin and rock in a seemingly random motion. As Cepheid is set into motion by its spring and magnetic escapement mechanism, it creates a unique visual display of...
  8. Venus de Mermaid automaton

    Venus de mermaid automaton
  9. Fescue, a balancing sculpture

    Hi everyone, This is a balancing sculpture I call, Fescue. Each of the three wooden blades is a carefully balanced pendulum, and each blade hangs from the next largest blade. If you give it a push, it spins and tumbles with a seemingly random and chaotic motion. It takes about 30 seconds to...
  10. #73 drawer box with inlay and mechanism

    In this drawer box I tried a different design in inlaying little wood pieces. Mechanism is detailed in the blog woods are lenga, cancharana, cambará, guayubira, lapacho and cumarú. thanks for looking.
  11. Claude the Artist Automaton

    Claude is working on the the sky. Just trying to get it right.
  12. "The Rising"

    Well, "The Rising" is the box that started my love for box making. It was the fist box I ever made. It all started over a couple drinks with a friend/coworker. He told me he wanted a box to hold his wifes family bible and he wanted me to design and build it for him. I don't know if all of you...
  13. #27 little box with mechanism

    In this little box I did my "very" little attempt of veneering inlay (later, I put away of my attempts). The mechanism was also new, with a pivoting side that allows the lid to open with a little spring insert in the back of the lid. (buckle spring?). The main problem of this mechanism is that...
  14. eye drawer box with spring mechanism

    another exercise inlaying end grain pine with cancharana and marupá (not end grain) box structure in calden, also sliding dovetail mechanism detailed in the blog finishing with tung oil thanks for looking
  15. Carapace: an organic motion sculpture

    Carapace is a wooden kinetic sculpture that simulates the motion of a sea turtle swimming. A complex series of mechanisms allows Carapace to swim up and down, tilt forward or back, and even lift its head up for a breath of air. As each mechanism is carefully linked to the next, each of...
  16. sailing drawer box with mechanism

    I prefer abstract design, but in case of gift, is good to make exceptions. this is a drawer box, and just for design purposes has four sliding dovetail, but only one put the latch that allows the spring to ejects the drawer. the mechanism is detailed in the blog woods are, urunday (frame and...
  17. 2nd try at a desk

1-20 of 93 Results