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    Hi guys, here's my finished angle gauge. The LED in the top is red and the one side comes off to change the batteries. Additionally the top threaded contact point is adjustable; it work's great. Also, I thought that I'd mention that I have a gear motor on the way from Florida to make a powered...
  2. Trio of Bandsaw Boxes

    I threw these together a few weeks ago using some scrap lumber and plywood I had lying around the shop. The focus was to create some different shapes and play around with the bandsaw. Tung oil and paste wax was used for the finish.
  3. Child's Wall-Mounted Growth Ruler

    Wall-mounted height ruler for my girlfriend's niece. The wood is maple, stained yellow and sealed with shellac. The lettering and details are woodburned. The edges were rounded over with router. Thanks for your interest in my projects.
  4. Oak Beam Compass

    I made this beam compass while in the middle of another project and discovered the little metal compass I had wasn't going to be big enough for my needs. This one is made out of some scrap red oak i had and is 2' long… that should be large enough. The locking mechanism works great on the...
  5. Table Saw blade measurer

    I was wanting to make sure that my table saw blade was square to my tracks, though all I had was a metal ruler and a digital caliper. I can extend the end and zero out the caliper to get the difference between the two. This saved so much frustration rather than having to use a metal rule.
  6. Child's height chart

    This project has been in the works for a few months now. I wanted to make a removable wooden height chart that I could take with us if we ever moved. The race was on to finish it before my son was old enough to use it! The chart is made of maple with walnut inlays. The maple board is 6'2"...
  7. Scoop Completion 1

    Here is the completed scoop plus a few extra. All I did with the bottom is sort of follow the contour of the rough out and just smoothed it over. The first one I did, I turned it into a teabag strainer. I had screwed up the inside and had a blowout. Thanks to mpounders for the idea of adding a...
  8. First bandsaw box, gift for Mom

    This is my first attempt at a bandsaw box. It is also my Mom's birthday gift I gave her last month. I sandwiched mahogany between walnut for the blank. I made a template for half of the shape and traced it, then mirrored the template to get it symmetrical. I cut out the drawer in one cut...
  9. Child's height chart #2

    Apparently I never uploaded this project - it was probably completed around September 2015. In the style of my first height board, , I completed another chart for my son. Click the link for full measurement and build details, as the process was essentially...
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    This tip was included in the Woodworker's Journal internet report email… ... I thought you might like to see it… Tape Measure care in handling... and checking its accuracy... Minor adjustments to get accuracy.
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I have some objects that contain arcs that I would like to duplicate. Let me clarify, it is the arcs, the gentle, sweeping curves, that I would like to duplicate. My problem is that I don't know of a way to determine the radius of the existing arc other than make a tracing then break out a...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    As a bonifide engineering geek, I'm always itching to measure something and over the years I have acquired some decent tools to do so. I understand that much of this is overkill for most woodworking and I fully subscribe to the "don't measure with a micrometer what you cut with a chainsaw"...
  13. Jigs & Fixtures
    I'm making a jig where I need to center something right over the cutting line and apex of the blade (center of arbor?) I can take a rough eye-balled guess at it, but can't think of a good technique for measuring this on my table saw. Any suggestions? Thanks, -Loki
  14. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have up graded my shop to a new lathe and need to sell off the old one It is a Delta LA 200 I replaced a bearing in the head stock as well as the drive belt. It will come with the stock drive center and live center. and 4 Tool rest one Stock 6" and additional 6" 9" and 12" Pick up only $150...
  15. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    look at an entertaining presentation by Bill Phillips from NIST (US). jump at 1'50" to start. Yesterday 2018/11/16, fundamental measuring standards were redefined. The new standards were adopted unanimously by the Member States. In this 2d video , at 9'16" the vote of the US representative.
  16. Hand Tools
    I found this video link in my inbox this AM :
  17. Hand Tools
    Do you know a "tick stick or ticking stick"? I didn't until Lea explained it. I love solutions like that!
  18. Blogs
    What to do, what to do OK you guys know by now that I am having to limit my woodworking to small hand tool stuff, if that. That's going to drive me nuts! I've thought that I would start doing some of my needle work with the idea of incorporating them into boxes, or other woodworking projects in...
  19. Blogs
    Buy "Solid" wood Some associate veneers as being low quality and if you truly want quality go all solid. Really the opposite could be true. Veneers got a bad rap around the 60's when cheap furniture was introduced into the market. There was delaminating, which is the lifting of the veneer...
  20. Blogs
    Design Shortly After completing the toolbox that was posted here: I realized that I'll need some setup to hold the larger tool/components/etc as it just won't fit into the small toolbox. I looked around at kennedy, snap-on, and other similar toolcarts and they are either too big or too $$$...
1-20 of 32 Results