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  1. My New Maze Puzzle! The Lunatic Reveal Pocket Edition!

    I just finished my first pocket edition maze in Maple.Finished! This maze can be played like my earlier mazes. With two steal bearings inside. 1. Traditional both bearings need to make it from one end to the next. 2. Each ball must make it to either end to completed the game. 3.Each ball...
  2. The Lunatic Revealed is done! Figured Cherry, Walnut, and Maple!

    Finished! My initial Project is finished and now time for a public appearance! This maze can be played many different ways. Notice there are two steal bearings inside. 1. Traditional both bearings need to make it from one end to the next. 2. Each ball must make it to either end to completed...
  3. Recent Lunatic Hidden Labyrinth Completions

    I just finished these this weekend and I wanted to share before they head out. Made with Maple burl, Redwood Burl, Amboyna, Padauk, Cocobolo and Red Oak. This 5 inch maze is in Maple burl.
  4. The Exotic Collection - The Lunatic Revealed

    From left to right Cocobolo, Bocote, Hackberry, and Padauk. These mazes came out great! The Cocobolo, Bocote and, Padauk worked well on my table router with three new patterns.
  5. More Lunatic Maze Puzzles

    I had a bit of time today so I made a few mazes in Cedar, Flame Box Elder, Black Ash Burl, and Figured Cocobolo. The mazes show better in pictures before the go into their acrylic cases. The last maze puzzle is pictured to show how the case will look over the finished product.
  6. Special commission from my private stock.

    Just finished these mazes a hidden and not so hidden. Made with Velvet Tamarind and oak burls.
  7. Wood Maze

    I was inspired to make this maze after attending the Portland Woodworking show this weekend. Legacy was there selling their CNC machines (I own one) and used a project like this to draw in the crowd. It will make a nice stocking stuffer for my nephew…once I find a marble or ball bearing that...
  8. Amboyna Burl Maze.

    Just finished this last maze! I was able to make it even more complicated as i cut the channels even tighter together.
  9. 3D Magnet-Maze toy for my kids

    Here are some pictures from a recent toy project that did. I started by carving a 2D maze prototype with a Shinwa Full Size Carving Tool Set. When I had finished carving it, I put a steel ball bearing in and covered the maze with a thin plastic product called flexipane (or so they called it at...
  10. 10 Cent Maze

    This is Steve Ramsey's 10 cent maze that he shows how to bulid on Woodworking for Mere Mortals. But, mine is a bit more complex, comprising eight interior layers instead of three. It is made out of Birch and I believe the sides are Douglas Fir. Okay, so the Birch is plywood. There are four...
  11. Maze Games

    Mazes my brother(twin) and I made in our GRADE 9 tech design class. We design them on Auto Cad and then built them in the shop. On the maze there is a starting location, and only one right route. There are also traps( hole to fall in ). The staring location and finish are marked with red touch...
  12. Skittles Table

    My step kids (in their twenties) grew up playing Skittles at their grandparents house. I made this for them to play while they visit our home. It was a big hit. The table is solid birch. The pins are made from maple, coca bola, purple heart, ebony, and another orange-colored exotic wood...
  13. My Newest Hybrid 3D Maze Puzzle Test!

    Cherry Burl Hybrid Maze Puzzle. This was my latest test to completed my Hybrid Maze concept. Definitely a success, but I will stick with the table router until a get a real milling machine.
  14. game

    My son had to make a board game based on a book for a school project. Of course it had to become a woodworking project. We made a marble course game based on the book the Roar. The theme was kids trying to escape over a walled city To paradise. It is actually pretty challenging to get...
  15. Anniversary present for my wife

    I made this jewelry box for my wife for our 12th anniversary this past weekend. This was the first time making something like this and I learned a lot for the next project. I used maple with Georgian Cherry gel stain and topped it off with a few coats of lacquer.
  16. An a-MAZE-ing cutting board

    Well, this took about 3 weeks of on and off work. Gluing mostly. I had seen some cutting boards that kind of looked like a maze so I figured why not make a maze. It turns out to be a real pain. It's almost impossible to get all the pieces the exact size and then glued up the exactly the same...
  17. Losing my marbles - A tale of two games

    Wooden games are a pleasure to build and own. They satisfy you in the work, they satisfy your progeny, often allow a fabulous interaction with them and all with the tactile feel and look of wood that is not duplicated in plastic. Chances are they'll be passed on, perhaps for generations. "Look...
  18. "Discombobulate"

    "Discombobulate" was inspired by a clear plastic toy 3-D maze I had when I was little. It was about 2.5" cubed and used a .125" steel ball. This one uses 1" steel balls and is 7" cubed. There are 4 levels to get through before the ball will fall out. It does not open and does include a trap...
  19. New Maze Bed for 2year old

    OK so this is the next Project for me… My 2yr old is ready for her own bed. She loves hiding and stuff so I want to build her a maze bed. This will be varnished so I am thinking Oak Ply. But I don't have a vision for much besides the maze. It will be a twin size bed (3'x6'). Total size...
  20. The Lunatic Redux

    I have been working to improve my maze. I have added accents as you can see in the pictures. Next I will try moving parts.
1-20 of 28 Results