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  1. Another Mixed Hardwood End Grain Board

    Hot off the press today with another 3 near complete (pics to follow). Really pleased with this one as the end grain showed some gorgeous colouring and detail. Oak, Ash, Padauk, Sapele, Maple and Beech. Rounded finger holds added using a 1/4" bull nosed router bit. Dimensions - 450mm x 320mm x...
  2. Massachusetts cribbage game

    At my last woodworking show I had a number of requests for cribbage boards. Here is my version out of cherry with a secret compartment underneath to store game pieces
  3. Combs - trying something new!

    With summer art shows coming up I wanted to try something a little different - and with all the inspiration I get from here I thought I would try a few things that others have posted. This is a maple and padauk comb. I made a jig to do this and used some scrap cutoffs I had. I might make some...
  4. wooden hinge

    My latest attempt…. box joints and a self designed hinge…its probably been done but I think it turned out ok . I used a dado blade (1/2inch) and a jig(woodhaven 4555 jig) like the incra positioner(just not as fancy)that can be used on a router or table saw table. Finish is minwax provencial...
  5. Hand Tools
    My wife and I are planning a leaf peeping trip this fall and will be in the New England area. Any especially interesting woodworking tool, lumber, schools, and such wood related sites to visit? Glenn "Woodketeer"
  6. Blogs
    Massachusetts woodworkers: Division of Fisheries & Wildlife needs your help Just got this in an email from my wife who works for Mass F&W: You Can Help: Urgent Housing Need for Wood Ducks in Massachusetts There is an immediate housing need in Massachusetts that conservationists can all...
  7. Blogs
    Massachusetts and Connecticut area Anyone out there from this area? I was thinking of possible future get-togethers, meetings and any other ideas that may arise. There is a 3 day woodworking show at the Eastern States Fairgrounds in january 2010. Here is a link...
  8. Wood & Lumber
    Afternoon folks, Does anyone have a source for 2×12x12 Southern Yellow Pine in the greater New England area please? I'm beginning my lumberjocks journey with a Schwarz French Bench build this spring.. I'm am now attempting to source about a dozen boards of 2×12x12 Southern Yellow Pine. I live...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hello All, I'm interested in starting a woodworking club here in Southeastern Mass. The folks at in Falmouth have offered to host meetings. Anyone interested? I'm thinking one meeting a month to start. I know there are lots of talented woodworkers in the area. We...
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hello All, I'm interested in starting a club in SE Mass. The folks at have offered to host meetings. Any interest? I know there are lots of talented woodworkers on the Cape. We should be able to get something going. Regards, Bob Babcock
  11. Wood & Lumber
    Long story short I need furniture quality half inch quartersawn white oak plywood, but I don't want to spend 40 dollars for shipping one 4×4 piece. And idea where I can find this in MA either in stock or a company that would be willing to special order? Cheers.
1-11 of 11 Results