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  1. Desk Clock - Chip Carved

    Desk Clock- Chip Carved This basswood desk clock was carved with one knife. The background was stippled with a punch and the stab knife was used to add detail. It was fun to carve! Thanks for looking.
  2. Beads of Courage Box

    Beads of Courage Box A customer contacted me looking for a pattern for Beads of Courage. I was not familiar with this program. Their carving club makes boxes and decorates them before donating them to children in the hospital. They keep their beads in the box. After seeing the work this...
  3. 8\\\\" chip carved heart plate

    The design on this 8" heart plate was created by Dorothy Jones. I had a design contest and she came up with the winning design. I chip carved this plate for her and will send it to her in today's mail. The finish is 2 coats sanding sealer, 2 coats satin lacquer, gel stain, 1 top coat satin...
  4. Blogs
    New Year...New Hobby I have been known to take up a hobby or 37. At 42, on the cusp of 43, and well into the 'balding' years, I have decided that, in lieu of a midlife crisis, I would take up woodworking. Don't get me wrong, a new car and a 27 year old with huge, firm, hands would be wonderful...
  5. Blogs
    Chip Carving - Single Tea Light Candle Holder CLICK HERE for over 80 patterns & 80+ full length HD chip carving lessons. Thanks for watching!
  6. Blogs
    Chip Carving real time demo, 38 seconds! Chip Carving, real time demo Thought you might enjoy this. No fast speed 'em up camera here. Click below to watch
1-6 of 6 Results