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    love the game .. thank dear friend Dan Wiggins on the photograph you sent me, on the basis of which I did my marquetry work
  2. Game board

    I took a decorative veneering class at one of the woodworking shows here in Portland and wanted to put my new skills to the test. A coworker asked me to make an Aggravation game board for his wife as a birthday present. I may have gone a little overboard but it was fun and I learned a lot. I...
  3. Arnie's Tea Box

    This is a tea box that I built for my sailing friend Arnie. He was a career navy sailor before retirement and spent time in Canada's sailing embassador "Oriole". He has also done considerable offshore sailing on his own so the theme of the box is fitting. And oh yes, he's a tea drinker. One of...
  4. Marquetry Cutting Table

    A friend and I signed up for a week long course in Marquetry. In the class we will be using a Fret Saw and cutting table. I prefer to learn on my own cutting table and Fret Saw so I could become familiar with them. The Fret saw was easy, just ordered one with top reviews from Amazon. The Cutting...
  5. Purpleheart Box - Urn

    Ok, 'qualified' critique is welcome….. I made this box to store my mothers ashes…. This is probably my most ill fitting piece yet. I rushed on far too much of it and it shows….It began with a .5 degree bevel on all of the main box parts. Since I cut so much of it, I plowed ahead thinking I...
  6. 3-in-1 Crib for my Granddaughter

    Used the Wood magazine plans for this 3-in-1 crib. Daughter-in-law wanted it with white paint to match the 'theme'. I wan't real keen on the idea but used Quartersawn English brown oak veneer on the panels to add some 'real' wood to the project. I used poplar for all of the painted parts. A...
  7. girl with the umbrella..

    marquetry picture made by exceptional photographer Metin Demiralay alias scarabuss Metin Demiralay
  8. Seed Box

    This is a box that my wife will store some garden seeds in. The main body and bottom panel is solid white Ash and the upper edge is inlaid with a 3 part, shop made banding (fir and sapele to be exact). The lid is made from Ash with a veneered panel which contains a 3 part marquetry leaf that...
  9. Epic Wooden PC Case - WoodWorkLIFE

    Hey Guys, This was a very special project combining two of my biggest passions, woodworking and technology. I made PC case or a modded PC case whatever you want to call it, completely out of wood. For this project I used two contrasting woods that work wonderfully together, Sycamore and...
  10. The "Peeping Tom"

    Another Longboard Complete. This one is a 4-way Myrtle Burl bookmatch with a lovoa inlay. Its 39.5" X9.5" drop through. Can't wait to try this one out. My only regret is not being a better photographer. The pictures just don't do it justice.
  11. Slightly Upscale Garbage Can

    So here's the story. I moved the engine panel in Friendship from inside to the cockpit which caused two problems. First was a gaping hole where it had been. The second is that I used to hang a garbage bag on the key and now it wasn't there any more. Soooo ….. this was my answer. It is a very...
  12. 'On'-lay compass rose

    This is an 0.5mm thick veneer compass rose made from maple and wengé. glue 'on' top of a teak veneered board and then I created a smooth equal surface using a generous layer of epoxy. "Ready for finishing!"
  13. Marquetry Goldfinch Box

    It has been awhile since I posted, I had a month and a half virus and after thart it was just one thing after another. I was out in my shop but I sure wasn't doing much. I'm back to normal and the dust is starting to fly. On this piece I was going to make it look like the finch was inside the...
  14. Eagle Marquetry

    My first piece by piece marquetry in École Boulle, Paris, during my marquetry workshop in 1996. In fact it is my second marquetry the first one could not fit together and I had to recut the all project. I keep it to remember to not cut to fat.
  15. Things...........

    Things with rings of things on strings. See my blog for the story. As always I welcome constructive criticism, positive or negative.
  16. Deco Cabinet

    It's been a while since I posted a project and realized I haven't shared our latest furniture. Couple months ago, we were contacted by a designer in LA to create a deco cabinet inspired by an elevator door in LA. At first we worked on a trompe-l'oeil concept Then with the deigner, we...
  17. A Christmas Thorsen Table!

    Just a view of my Thorsen Table adorned for the Christmas holiday. Show me what your Thorsen Table is being used for. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  18. White Cockatoo

    I started cutting that project in France before to be sponsored by Patrick Edwards and Kristen Arrivee from Antique Refinishers and American School of French Marquetry in 2006. I brought back the half cut pieces and packs in my luggage. As a restorer I practised marquetry but mainly for...
  19. Marquetry motif.. Hummingbird and Hibiscus

    My dear friends, I'd like you all that work provides relaxation and pleasure as far as I yesterday afternoon, this small floral marquetry motif :)
  20. Being 2

    Another 2008 Picture. On that one I tried to do the opposite of the white cockatoo, use big pieces, on the verge of abstraction with hopefully enough details to suggest the topic of that piece. Cut with the marquetry chevalet, using piece by piece method, in 2 layers.
41-60 of 500 Results