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  1. hummingbird

    This is a birthday present. I simplified it to make it easier to do, but I think it still is effective. I made the border too!
  2. Imperial Dragon Marquetry

    Here's a Chinese imperial dragon-you can tell it's an "imperial" dragon by the 5 toes! The technique is double bevel marquetry and the woods used were ipe, Chechen rosewood, purpleheart, maple and holly. The dragon's eyeballs were made with a red Mixol colored 5 minute epoxy inlay. Not sure...
  3. Cremation Box

    My mother-in-law passed away recently and the family wanted me to make a cremation box for her ashes. Not having done one before I was a little hesitant. This is what I came up with and I think it turned out great. Made with walnut and maple with her initials done with marquetry in the top...
  4. Marquetry Rose

    Here is a rose I made recently. I haven't decided what to put it in yet.
  5. Things with Rings of Things

    This stuff we tend to make with things just happens to be the stuff we cherish the most as woodworkers. They are our prize for our effort. Is it our top prize? No, that would be the knowledge we gained along the way. To learn how to manipulate things into stuff is very challenging and takes a...
  6. Double Vision

    Several months ago I sliced a piece of Scouler Willow into veneer and knew it was special, I just didn't know what for. Then this week I cut a set of four albatrosses in classic style marquetry and remembered the willow veneers waiting in their drawer. When...
  7. marquetry closet

    marquetry closet
  8. "Marquetry, Christmas Gifts"

    I'm taking a break from the serious woodworking and decided to make Christmas presents this year. There is a total of 20 marquetry pictures and frames. The Lion size is 3/4" x 12"x 15" And the Cameo size is 3/4" x 8" x 10" I hope my family members will be happy with a hand made present. I...
  9. marquetry closet 2

    marquetry closet 2
  10. Teak serving tray

    This is my first marquetry project its a teak serving tray with copmass rose inlay, made of wengé and maple. I,m realy proud of the result and am eager to know what you guys think of my work. - Frank Boer Skype: frank_boer More to follow if you guys like it. Thanks to Marc Spagnuolo and his...
  11. Out of the Woods

    I hadn't done any marquetry in awhile so when a buddy sent me this picture and challenged to do it, I said no problem. Little did I know how big a task I was taking on. But finally finished and it didn't turn out too bad. This has been the most challenging piece of marquetry I have...
  12. Salon table on yacht

    This salon table on my uncle's yacht, is the follow-up to the teak serving tray I made. - Frank Boer
  13. His and Hers Longboards

    I made these longboards for my sister-in-law and her new husband for their wedding present. They both share the libra sign which is a scale or balance. I felt that the balancing act in marriage tied in nicely to their sign and the skateboards. I presented it to them this past weekend in front...
  14. Toscana, A hand dyed marquetry study

    "Toscana" is a hand dyed marquetry plaque mounted on 3/8" MDF. I made it at the request of my good' wife for a decorative accent to go on our new granite / tile cabinet upgrade. The substrate is cut precisely to the outline of the picture and dyed black on the edge. The marquetry is all cut...
  15. marquetry commode

    This is a project of my father george.The designs are inspired by greek mythology.
  16. .. memory on Santorini

    art marquetry thank Mrs Eve Foussier me whose photographs "Greece stairs" inspired this work
  17. heraldic ornament

    heraldic ornament provided for the rear side, behind the perch family coach
  18. my mirror

    in the technique of marquetry, completed .. still remaining carpenter work ..
21-40 of 500 Results