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  1. Projects Canadian Lily

    I sliced a piece of veneer off of some walnut, did the marquetry and then glued it back onto the walnut.
  2. Projects Wood ducks

    This is a redo of a picture but with some different woods
  3. Projects Patos Island

    This is from a photograph of Patos Island in the San Juan Islands, WA.
  4. Bookmark - cocoon and caterpillar

    I don't usually name my stuff, but I call this one "Mom?". The background is from a madrone branch I sliced up. The orange in the cocoon is a mixture of mica powder and paduck sawdust held in place with UV epoxy.
  5. 3 boxes w/marquetry for Christmas

    These are going to be Christmas gifts and I hope I get the right one to the right person. I still have a couple more to go. The first one is black cherry from a friends woods, the second is spalted hard maple that I put under the mulch in the flower beds and the third one is buckeye from a...
1-5 of 5 Results