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    New Post on the Little Good Pieces Blog: Cutting Small Tenons There's a new Post on the Little Good Pieces Blog: Cutting Small Tenons. How to make tenons on small and/or thin stock with common joinery tools. Check it out!
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    Making a Marking Gauge Using up some scrap and creating something useful for the shop. A marking gauge is a great tool to have in any shop.
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    John Walcott, Where are you? . I was checking out vintage tools on E Bay the other day when I came across this rosewood marking gauge. . . It was obviously handmade and had a brass name plate on it: "Handcrafted by John Walcott, Benbrook Texas" . The tool had six days to go before the...
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    Making a Multi-purpose tool - 4 in 1 Hello everyone ! Here, a marking and routing system concept. I made with hand tools, this multipurpose tool, with the abilities to act as a router, a marking gauge, a scratch stock and a beam compass. I chose to build interchangeable bits, with a modular...
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    Vintage English Marking/Mortise/Combination/Cutting Gauges Recently I restored a vintage 6" mortise gauge by I. Sorby and posted some photos of it on the 'Measuring and Marking Tools of Your Dreams' thread. I mentioned that I had to replace the spurs (points) on it and was asked how I went...
  6. Hand Tools
    If you are interested in building your own marking gauges, I've just posted a blog entry and a video on YouTube. Feel free to check it out. This one is made from Osage Orange and Cocobolo. Thanks Steve
  7. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am curious, is a LJ app in the works? I would LOVE to have LJ on the go, especially since I commute to the city for work. Anyone have any info on this? Lumberjocks, is this going to happen?
  8. General Woodworking Discussions
    I am relatively new to LJ, having joined a little more than 4 months ago. I have been going through every posted project and I've favorited over 130 of your completed projects or jigs. I did run across a bunch of acronyms, and I thought it might be helpful to post some of those for other newer...
  9. Hand Tools
    Can anyone help me identify this Breast Drill? There are absolutely no manufacturer's name, markings, model number or etceteras on it that I can find. It looks similar to a Miller Falls drill that I have but there are no such similar drills shown on the various MFs related websites that I have...
  10. Hand Tools
    Title says it all, I have yet another generous Lumberjock buddy who wants to help out my cause. Smitty Cabinetshop would like to auction off his Stanley 98 Double sided marking gauge and give the proceeds to Jesse's medical fund. Quite handy for laying out both mortise and tenon joints in one...
  11. Hand Tools
    Hello fellow LJ's, I want an older Stanley or similar wheel marking gauge and I stumbled across this lot, but I don't need the butt gauge or trammel point (and vaguely know what they are used for). From the prices that I've seen it seems reasonable. I figured I'd throw it on here in case anyone...
  12. Woodturning
    Hi Everyone, I found this video accidentally and foiund it highly entertaining. I think we all know some guys like this. Hope you also enjoy it. Note the TOOL -REST-- multi function tools.
  13. Hand Tools
    So I answered this craigslist ad that had some pics of hand chisels and such. The correspondence was a little formal and I figured it was walk in, hand over cash and walk out. Turns out the guy was quite nice and had some good stuff for sale. If I'm wrong in any descriptions below, please...
  14. Designing Woodworking Projects
    As some of you know I am designing a pool cue case for all intensive purposes is round. I want to make something unique to open the end and I thought of an Iris. Any thoughts on this? I'm worried it might be too delicate and break. The case is only going to be about 4" OD so I don't have allot...
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This thread has little practical value. I'm just curious: for the kinds of tools typically found in a home shop, if price were no object, what's the best out there? I'm not talking production machines like a Northfield table saw, but normal machines: 10" Table Saw TS fence 14-17" Bandsaw...
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Not sure if anyone has seen this in the news. Man builds furniture for military families in need gets shut down by his homeowners association. Click here to read further. Has anyone ever had a similar issue?
  17. Hand Tools
    I have a Crown cutting gauge, not a pin, but a knife with a brass wedge that holds the knife in place. The dang brass wedge keeps coming out. It's not a heavy piece, so I don't want to pound on it with a mallet or some such. How do you keep your brass wedge secure?
  18. Focus on the Workspace
    Hey guys, I have been all over the web looking for the plans for the Flip Top Tool Stand from Shop Notes. I have seen that many of you have built one and you all reference the book but I cannot find it any where. I don't see it on their web site either. They have a similar title on the...
  19. LumberJocks Swaps
    Welcome to the Lumber Jocks Dovetail Tool Swap 2015 Edition. • Start Date: November 1, 2014 • Ship Date: March 2, 2015 What is a dovetail themed tool swap? Its simple, build a tool to give a mystery LumberJock that is used in producing dovetail joinery. This can include: Dividers...
  20. Hand Tools
    I found this marking gauge at a local flea market/antique store. I think the only reason it was still there was the price. I paid the $37.50 for it even though that seemed like a lot. I haven't researched the price of a good marking gauge, so maybe someone out there has an idea if I got a decent...
161-180 of 180 Results