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  1. Mushrooms are growing

    My mushroom patch is growing. The one on the left grew from a green cherry log yesterday. The one on the right grew about 4 months ago. Its also cherry, hope one more grows this summer.
  2. Boxguy Hits The Trayfecta

    Pictured: A tea box and serving tray combination. The Black Cherry tray is about one foot by two feet with end-hole handles, corner splines, and sloped sides. The cups and tong-holder are made by a local potter. (I featured this tea box in a separate post "Boxguy's 6-Sided Tea Box.") The...
  3. Wine rack and bookshelf

    A wine rack and bookshelf, custom made to fit under a desk in a kitchen.
  4. Gazebo Fly-Through Platform Bird Feeder

    I build these large fly-through bird feeders about 10 years ago. The first one I designed after I had patched up an old Amish-built one for a coworker. That bird feeder was quite large and had a copper roof on it. I really liked how practical it was - you simply toss bird seed inside and the...
  5. Wooden Block Sets for my Kids Preschool

    I made these basic 5 Piece wood blocks sets (4 rectangles and 1 square) out of A leftover board of tiger maple. They fit perfectly in a sandwich bag, and I am working on a printout to put in it. My wife thinks it would be tacky to say they can contact me to get custum wood toys, and direct them...
  6. snailhouse rock

    This one-room, rustic bungalow offers a front porch, vented ceilings and floor, a frosted epoxy front door (because i don't know how to use the pen-flame thingy to torch out the bubbles!) and a couple of snacks slivering along the roof! Like RD, i came to make a birdhouse at all, and have a...
  7. For My New Grandson

    This was built from Wood Magazine plans. New grandson arrived 7-22-12. I finished and delivered to the new parents 7-18-12. Cut it close.
  8. Letter "B" Bandsaw Box

    This is a bandsaw box made as a gift for family members whose last name starts with the letter B. Aside from one practice piece, this was my first bandsaw box. It's made of white oak, red oak, Honduran mahogany, African mahogany (knobs) and zebra wood. The zebrawood is a veneer glued onto the...
  9. Maple / Walnut cutting board

    I built this cutting board using the plans/instructions from the wood whisperer website. board plans I decided to use walnut instead of purpleheart for my cutting board. Other than that, I pretty much followed the instructions as-is...
  10. Maple Coffee Grinder

    I've been working on this guy for a little while, in between a million other things, but I'm finally done! I used 3 coats of tung oil for the finish, it shouldn't get much abuse and I think the oil really makes it look good. I took it for a test run tonight, 20gr of some Caveman White Gold...
  11. My first end-grain cutting boards!

    I just finished my first end-grain cutting boards! They are made out of; walnut, purpleheart, lyptus, bloodwood, and maple.
  12. Oak Sitting Bench

    This project was a tough one, to say the least. It felt like nothing went right from start to finish… espically the finish. In fact I had to come here and post a forum to finish this dang thing. In the end, thing's came together good enough.
  13. 2x6 Bowl

    When I recently bought my house the former owner had left a pile of mostly unusable lumber in the basement. Some of it looked like it had been down there for decades. I found a short construction grade 2×6 in the pile that was pretty beat up. After examining it for a while, I thought I found...
  14. Dust cyclone - with house hold trash bags post

    Dust cyclone with house hold trash bags Yes I got tired of the mess each time I had to clean the shop vac when it was full. Also I was fascinated by these cyclones, have to admit I am a child. So when the prices for one of these finally hit the floor here in Europe I had to give it a try. Blog...
  15. Grape Press

    My neighbor brought me this grape press that had been in a fire. I wish I had taken a before picture of it in tack but I didn't. He promised me wine if I made it usable. I had a week before the grapes were ready. I tried cutting the compound angles on my table saw and 12" sliding miter saw...
  16. Son's Handmade Skateboard

    I gave my 7-year-old son a bunch of skateboard parts for Christmas last year after he said he wanted to build his own board from scratch. I finally got around to getting the skateboard veneers over the summer (parent epic fail), and we were off. I provided a guiding hand (or hands) throughout...
  17. Bubinga Dining Table

    The legs were a major lathe challenge for me as I do not have a computerized lathe. As we all know, it's easy to make the first one but a bear to get 4 that pretty well match. I added drawers for cutlery, serviettes and candles. I just used offcut hardwood for the drawer cases as they are not...
  18. display case

    An oak display case that i am working on for my grandfathers shaving tools. and yes the razor is still sharp..
  19. Music Items

    I made these from left over Maple from my cabinets for the kitchen. I have seen some other excellent examples of music stands on this site.

    Fun project and great accomplishment for my grandson creating this . WE made a spiderman figure together from a block of willow using a paper template that he designed and transferred onto the wood . I band sawed it out and he worked on this for four hours carving it with a spokeshave ,rasp...
1-20 of 58 Results