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  1. Garden row markers with pyrography

    These are easy to make, just get some old garden poles and cut them into short stakes. Plane off a smooth spot for the text, then use your soldering iron with burning tip to burn in the marker text.
  2. "What's Trump...?"

    I made these after realizing that during our family rounds of pinochle, it seemed that "What's Trump…?" came up, like 4 times per hand. Now after trump is called, this cube is put on its correct side, so that you merely have to look and see instead of asking. It is Cherry wood with Paduak...
  3. Shop made tools #3: Dovetail marker

    I made this dovetail marker a while ago. The slope is 1:6. I made it from some scrap wood. Thanks for watching and comments are welcome. Bas
  4. Esy Simple Center finder/marker

    This a simple center finding marking device. You just turn it sideways and scribe. This one looks bad because it was my first and a prototype, i want to make one that is able to slide bigger somehow. If any of you have made one, i'd like to see it, or if you wish to make one i like to see that...
  5. Cheap Tablesaw Dovetail Jig And Marking Guide

    I have a project coming up and I wanted to try to use some dovetails. They have always evaded me in the past and I have always avoided using them thus far. I do like the look of them and they have recently found their way into my shop. I have watched Jay Bates and a few other YouTube...
  6. 5:1 Oak and brass dovetail marker: I sense trouble ahead!

    I made this on the spur of a few moments, basically because I wanted to and I could do it. The wood is a scrap piece of oak which was about the size I needed. I cut a shallow dado in the wood with my table saw to accept the brass and (hopefully) hold it straight. 1 brass nail holds the brass...
  7. Dovetail marker

    Here is my dovetail marker test. I needed one to be faster marking tails. I will have to make another one because with this one I have to move it to mark all the tail and the maple piece is too thin but I like the way it looks and it is only a test. It is made with quartersawn walnut and maple...
  8. Wood & Lumber
    I would use either redwood or teak. 3" thick and one solid piece, no laminations with stainless steel pipe legs anchored into the ground and the wood marker itself above ground. this works for private cemeteries and pet grave markers as well. In my very personal opinion and experience, some...
  9. Blogs
    He works in mysterious ways... Funny how He is always challenging me, especially when I think I'm at my limit and barely have time to breath, much less take on another woodworking task. A few weeks ago, my wife's co-worker lost his dad. We went to the wake to give our condolences and support...
  10. Blogs
    Angle Iron Dovetail Marker Make a dovetail marker that will last forever….or close to it. Please subscribe and hit that thumbs up button.
1-10 of 10 Results