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  1. Stage 3 Cancer Box

    I made this shadow box for a friend who unfortunately just got diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer. Unfortunately the tumors spread to his lungs, stomach and brain. I made this and presented it to him in the hospital when he was initially diagnosed and enrolled. He was several weeks away...
  2. Marine Lance Corporal Shadowbox

    This shadowbox was for a Lance Corporal that lost his arms in Vietnam. Unfortunatly his career in the military was cut short. When I get the insides for it and fill this display, I'll add more pictures. This case is built out of solid Oak, it proudly displays a 3'x5' US flag. Thanks for...
  3. large retirement trunk

    Large retirement trunk
  4. Bursting Bomb Flag Box

    Third of three Flag boxs for retiring Marines out of the Ammo Branch. Three layers of birch ply cut with a circle jig. Cut rabbet on front anti hold acrylic. Rabbet in back for inset with cloth, flag, and awards mounted. Backing, acrylic and retention ring all cut with a router circle jig, too...
  5. Mess Bell

    Apparently the word is out at work that I know my way around a shop. The other day I was sitting in my office minding my own business when one of the guys from down the hall comes in with a bell and says "We need to hang this on something, can you make something to hang it on?" He was thinking...
  6. 243rd Marine Corps Birthday guest gift

    Had the privilege of making the presentation box for the gift presented to the Guest of Honor for our local 243rd Marine Corps Birthday Ball. I had asked the Ball coordinator if I could be of any help. She said the unique shape of the scotch bottle presented a challenge in trying to find a...
  7. Graduation knife

    This was made for a friend graduation from Marine boot camp. The scales are bocote and the blade is from Woodcraft. The kitchen table was my shop for this project since we were living in an apartment at the time.
  8. 8' Wooden Cross back lite

    Cross is eight feet tall and four feet wide. Mounted on exterior gable of church. Constructed out of Meranti marine plywood. Epoxy fillets to hold ribs in place. Ribs drilled to accept led rope lighting for back light. Finish with epoxy clear coat and 2 coats of captains spar varnish.
  9. Corporal chevron plaque

    I usually stick to working with plaques for people who are leaveing the Marine Corps, and made this for a junior of mine. I used a palm router with no jig. It came out a little squirely but overall it looks good. Cedar was soft enough to fix small mistakes. But until i find a router table and...
  10. Marine Helicopter CH-53 (with a little imagination)

    My talent does not match my imagination. My oldest son is a pilot in the Marine Corps. When he was deployed to Afghanistan I started thinking about carving or making a model of his aircraft, the CH-53. It is a HUGE helicopter. 99 feet long, and capable of lifting a tank, an F-18, or taking...
  11. Ordnance (bomb) plaque

    Bomb wall mount I made for a Navy AO (Ordnanceman). He wanted a black stripe down the middle because that's what they wear on the flight deck. I love my router, I did everything by hand, freehand an idea first then hand rouder everything out. And I also love cedar. I don't know, there's...
  12. USMC Retirement trunk

    Retirement trunk that I built for a USMC Major. This was my first time building one this large. I was really happy with the way that it came out. Cedar lined on the inside with a tray for all of his coins. Pilot wings on the front.
  13. Decorative Veneered Marine Cabinet

    Hi this is a project I created for my studies at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. It is veneered marine ply, with double opening doors and a drawer, all the The corner posts and top fiddle are Macrocarpa I received an A for this and am quite proud of it. I managed to keep my scraps and other...
  14. 5 Day Shadow Box Miracle!

    Last Wednesday a friend informed me that we were going to have a retirement luncheon for one of our co-workers on the following Monday…the problem was that the original luncheon date was supposed to be months later. I completed this shadow box in 5 days on my spare time after work. This was...
  15. Wrench plaque

    Wrench plaque I made for a buddie who was getting out. He was a MALS guy in the Marine Corps, so he used a wrench everyday. Thought it would be fitting. We're also ordnance Marines so I had to throw some rounds on there as well.
  16. Marine Military Plague

    I made this for my Brother. Material is Oak, scroll sawed with a patern from a book. I found the book on Amazon → Scroll Saw Military Designs http://
  17. Marine EGA themed "Ammo Style" Chest

    Hand carved and burnt Marine EGA ammo style chest featuring flag display and two coin racks.
  18. Hand carved Marine "Force Recon" Ammo style box

    "Force Recon" image hand carved and burnt on the interior of an ammo style box.
  19. First project EVER

    My grandfather was a professional cabinet maker who worked out of his basement. Watching what he could do with an old beat up oak pallet was amazing, but for some reason I never tried woodworking myself. For whatever reason at 35 years of age I decided to give it a go. On my last deployment I...
1-20 of 71 Results