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  1. Hand-Cranked 1" Marble Dispenser Wood Model

    Several years ago, I made a marble dispenser that used the smaller 5/8" size marbles. Both kids and adults love to play with it… is like an old-fashioned gumball machine. I decided to make a new model using the larger 1" diameter marbles, and modify the design so the user can see...
  2. Hand-Cranked Worm Gear Driven Large Marble Dispenser

    I made a direct drive version of this and it was ok except you can dispense all 6 marbles in less than 6 seconds…..which is very fast. If I use a worm gear drive, I can slow it down so it takes longer to dispense all 6 marbles. About 4 seconds per marble would be about right, which is 15 RPM...
1-2 of 2 Results