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  1. Traditional Joinery Shoe Bench

    This bench uses traditional joinery wherever possible to lock the individual wood pieces together. The top and shelf slats are Ambrosia Maple, while the base is Cherry. The surfaces are left rough sawn to create an aged, rustic appearance, and lightly hand scraped to create a smoother texture...
  2. Cherry and Maple Cutting Board

    I made this cherry and maple cutting board using the top from my mothers old portable dish washer. Cut it down from 24×24 to 19X23 and planed to a thickness of 3/4. Added the maple strips to the ends using biscuits and routed the edges. The 3/4 thickness seemed to be thin for a cutting...
  3. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    Hi everyone - I'm looking for an educated response on the hazards (or lack thereof) of surface mount electrical boxes around sawdust. I have several outlets in my show (coughgaragecough) that are regularly exposed to sawdust. They have armoured cable running into them, and there are some holes...
1-3 of 3 Results