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  1. Manzanita Trunk Guitar Stand Solid Piece

    This is a guitar stand made from the trunk of a manzanita tree. It is one solid piece. The trees I use are usually on my property and they are never cut down live. They are dead manzanita trees that need to be removed! It is still drying and when it is, I will post a picture with the guitar...
  2. Extra Large Mens Fancy Cane #058: Manzanita Burl, Ebony & Osage Orange

    This is an extra large handle measuring 8.5" long and approximately 1.25" thick at the thinnest diameter. The handle is made from extremely fine quality of Manzanita Burl that is very dense and has a beautiful swirl of grain. This burl is much superior to the previous Manzanita I have used as...
  3. Exotic Manzanita lamp

    hers a unique manzanita lamp i put togerher. standing on three legs, with myrtle wood lampshade. this lamp reminded me of a camel or that creature on star wars. hope you like. take care and fun crafting.
  4. Router table build with lift, plunge feature and clear top

    This is my latest creation. It is long past due. I have been using a real crude router table I threw together a few years ago. As in many of my projects I wait for the parts to come together to avoid high costs. The top on this is 1.25" thick clear lexan bullet resistant glass. It was salvaged...
  5. Manzanita Burl Box

    This is another older project from last year (I am still getting caught up with the posting). I bought the Manzanita burl at a lumber store which specializes in hardwoods and exotic stuff. I bandsawed the sides and bottom square, cut the top off, and simply drilled out the inside with a...
  6. back in shop keeping up pace. staying on track

    hi every one and thanks for suport I apreceate the nice comments. you all help me on my daily persut of world class manzanita furniture. my days are allways full of family and work in shop. been doing well things have been coming together great. heres today work ready for finish sanding and...
  7. Flying California Fire Dragons by Beaver

    Flying California Fire Dragons by Beaver See videos here: Flying California Fire Dragons by Beaver
  8. riverstone table with Manzanita legs

    Here's a riverstone table that I recently sold out of a gallery in Avila Beach CA. The legs are Manzanita, and the top is a slab from a local walnut. There are splines behind each stone that join the two 1/2s of the table together. Comments and Critiques are welcome!!!
  9. Manzanita and Maple

    A little turning using manzanita, spalted maple and ebonized maple. About 5" in diameter and about 6" tall. The manzanita came from Arizona, the spalted maple from the Lexington Virginia area. The finial was ebonized with India ink and the entire piece finished with wipe on poly. I really need...
  10. Crater

    Another piece of Manzanita. This one had a large void that compromised the integrity of the turning. I used Alumilite tinted with orange dye to fill the void prior to turning. Turned complete with Easy Wood Tools and finished with wipe on gloss poly. It reminded me of an inactive volcano...
  11. tree table

    Unique "tree" table. Manzanita tree base, wrapped around a 42" by 52" single slab of Alligator Juniper. It would make for an awesome desk, or a three seat breakfast table. (Still looking to sell this, I can't afford the room for it).
  12. black walnut top manzanita base

    satisfied with these tables manzanita seems to allways free flow for me i just go to a pile of manzanita and for some reason the write pieces seem to fall into place. i use the chop saw all the time to fiqure out what i need to cut, very dangerous but i have fiqured it out. geting legs flat is...
  13. manzanita lamps / 2012 collection

    not sure what to say here…..."I love lamp"...........
  14. Vase from Manzanita root ball

    Found this Manzanita root ball (burl) at my local Woodcraft store. Power-sprayed it to get as much dirt and rocks out as I could. Still hit lots of pockets of dirt and rocks as I turned it. Between that and the hardness of the wood, it took a long time to turn down. I had to sharpen my tools...
  15. two Spoons, a Vase and a pair of Salt Cellars

    Pics 1&2 - This a serving spoon hewn and carved from Apple. it is approximately 8 1/2" long pic 3 - This spoons is made from Manzanita, a nice, dense burgundy-colored wood native to the South-West. It is about 6 1/2 " in length. Pic 4 - This is a vase for arranging dried flowers. It...
  16. manzanita tobacco pipe

    The first pipe I've ever made. I have always thought manzanita would make a good pipe, being such hard wood and that cool two-tone color effect.
  17. Half Full

    This is an idea I had been kicking around in my head (plenty of room in there). The wood is a Manzanita root and the "glass" is Alumilite. The base is walnut. Finished with wipe-on poly. It's about 5" tall and the glass is a little over 1" in diameter. I don't have a pressure pot so the glass...
  18. Hidden In My Heart

    Another artsy-fartsy piece of Manzanita. When I opened the package of roots, Mimi said this one looked like a heart- she's a nurse, go figure! The lid split apart when I was shaping it so I filled the voids with clear Alumilite. That created the darker veins. The "heart" portion was turned off...
  19. Axes

    These axes are made of oak and manzanita. Had a blast making them even with the difficulty of tooling the manzanita.
  20. large manzanita base redwood top table

    hi fellow craftters heres a table i made, wanted to have large overhang, came out good. hope you like. back to shop working on burl wood tables next take care and be safe. manzanitaman.
1-20 of 124 Results