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  1. mantle

    mantle in my bedroom made from mdf and some Home Depot molding
  2. Arts and Crafts Mantle Clock

    Made in Woods Class Made out of African Mahogany I didn't use any stain so I used Tung Oil
  3. Oak mantel

    Designed this mantel in sketchup for a customer. Just finishing up the build the ngoing to install it in a few days.
  4. Oak Fireplace mantle/ Bookcase

    Anderson's whole house gut and remodel project. Simple mission style details, 5/4" solid oak top and face frame. The top was designed to be the exact height as the window sill. We covered the ugly brick hearth and fireplace surround with black, satin finished, absolute granite. Wired...
  5. Fireplace mantel

    This is a mantel that I built after purchasing a home that was missing a mantel. My wife picked a picture out online and asked me to build it. I constructed it using plywood with the help of a Kreg jig for the joints. I sprayed it with a latex gloss finish. The crown and decorative trim was...
  6. Mantle for a customer

    Mantle for a customer, I turned the post using red floor paper and then split…
  7. Cherry Enertainment Center/ Mantle

    The Vickers Project This cabinet is made of cherry plywood, solid cherry face frame and inset raised panel doors. It doesn't look like much but a true woodworker knows it's what you can't see that matters. Dado-ed and rabbited, Mortise and tenon joinery instead of pocket screws, biscuit...
  8. Mantle Clock

    I made my clock out of cherry wood. I used tung oil for the finish. I didn't use a stain.
  9. Arts and Crafts Mantel Clock

    I made this in 2nd period woods class. It is made out of walnut. I used a tungoil finish.
  10. Arts and Crafts Mantle Clock

    I made this in Wahoo high school woods class. I used African Mahogany and finished it with tungoil. I also put stained glass in it.
  11. Clock

    Made out of white birch then stained it with a dark stain and fished it with tongue oil used flamed stain glass and used a glass drill bit to cut hole for clock mechanics
  12. Step Stool with Sugi-Yaki Finish

    when I was a little boy, my dad and I made a step stool together. I tried to reproduce what my father taught me. I kind of remembered here and there…and I searched web to see some designs. After the sugi-yaki treatment, a real test need to pass. I am about 220lb was little afraid to stand on...
  13. Mantle, Decorative Panels

    Not a good photo, but… Another college project… fireplace mantle with panels surrounding the upper portion Poplar, Dark Mahogany Stain? Upper panels just moldings applied to 1/4" plywood
  14. Misc Trim work

    I will always consider myself a trim carpenter at heart. It is where I fell in love with woodworking and learned the basic skills I still use on a daily basis. I never miter an inside corner always cope, and everything I do has to fit perfect or it doesnt get nailed up
  15. Fireplace with mantle

    This fireplace was the crowning achievement to the five year project of finishing the basement of my last home. With much help of my father-in-law, we did everything ourselves. This mantle remains my one non-painted piece of woodworking.
  16. Craftsman Pendulum Clock

    This is my 1st commissioned piece. I made a total of 5 (plus 1 that's a bit different for a family member). Every board in the clock is QSWO, most of it with fantastic grain patterns. Trying to stay true to the work of the early 1900s, I don't try to make the grain "pop" as many LJers do...
  17. fireplace mantle

    mantle surround made poplar
  18. Family Room Mantle

    I built this mantle several years ago. As you can tell, it is built of Poplar 1x lumber and ready made moldings built up to create a mantle. A little bit of imagination and picking the right moldings is the key. This one was built without a plan at all.
  19. Fauxplace

    When we moved into our home my wife wanted me to create the look of a fireplace in our formal living room. I (with her approval of course came) up with what has affectionately become known as the "fauxplace". Being a Construction Manager for a home builder I naturally had access to scrap...
  20. The Pattersen Whole House Remodel

    The Pattersen Project This cabinet was part of a whole house gut and remodel. The existing heating unit under the new cabinet was a major ordeal. We replaced the old cast iron unit with a lower profile finned copper unit and boxed it in with a sheet metal to direct the heat thru the...
1-20 of 320 Results