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  1. Manly Japanese Inspired Work Mug

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube So I had recently acquired a full set of auger bits but the box I had for them wasn't really worth fixing and was pretty much done for. I wanted to do something different and totally overkill for the job of holding the bits and...
  2. A Man's Man's Box

    I have a lot to learn about making boxes. I learned quite a bit making this one. I wanted to make a box with a different kind of top. I have been making solid tops mostly, with an occasional inset panel, usually nice plywood with veneer. For this one I decided to rout the sides and top panel...
  3. Zebrawood Jewlery

    This is some zebrawood jewelry I made for my wife a little bit ago. The inspiration came from an older 'Woodworking for Mere Mortals' video by Steve Ramsey. Easy project to do and it has become one of my wife's favorite sets of jewelry. The only difficult part is that the wood was prone to...
  4. Beard Combs

    1 - Here's a selection from my first batch of beard combs showcasing different woods for the grip. I have one more in wenge, one more in African mahogany, and two more in curly maple. I've quickly fallen in love with bocote, which makes up the main body for each of these. Each one is shaped a...
1-4 of 4 Results