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  1. Dimensional Poster Art

    About 6 years ago I started making these 3-dimensional posters using 5.2mm MDF that is sanded and painted. They are layered and every layer is a solid color. I started off making reproductions of my favorite movies like Star Wars. I have probably done over 50 now. The Cocooned Skeleton is 4...
  2. Custom XL Sliding Barn Door

    Here's a massive sliding barn door I recently made for a customer. This thing weighs about 400-500 lbs. and is made of steel, birch plywood, and grey hemlock siding from our lot. It measures 64" wide and 105" tall and slides over into a recess the customer had built into the room. We sprayed the...
  3. Nicks Sticks - Mechanical Puzzle

    This was going to be a fun and challenging puzzle box right from the start, especially since I know a guy named Nick that just loves puzzles! There were two objectives on this one. I wanted to qualify this piece to being something that would fit into my 'Stem to Stern' category, which simply...
  4. Game Room Lamp

    Made this lamp recently for a client. Love the way it turned out
  5. Whiskey Barrel table

    Cut the barrel in half made a tray for the top instead of hinges to display whatever you want.
  6. The Judge

    After chatting with a prospective customer for a bit, he told me he wanted to upgrade his entertainment area with an entertainment center and some shelving for the bar area. We were to match the existing bead board wainscoting. That would be easy enough, although everything was pine. Burn, baby...
  7. Wooden Dice - Large Dice Set

    Perfect for dice lovers or just for decoration in any room in the house, whether displayed in a bookcase, the game room, stimulating conversation in the Man Cave or as a paperweight on your desk. This set of dice makes a perfect Stocking Stuffer for the adult who loves board games. Made from...
  8. Man Cave

    Here is a nice Man Cave I built about a year ago. I have previously published pictures of the Built-in Media Center. Here are some pictures of the bar.
  9. Day Four of the Renegade Woodcarving Rendezvous in Lebanon, TN.

    Day four was spent with Rich Wetherbee. I carved the first little bear in the morning, then the second in the afternoon. The first bear is dancing with joy as he just found out he was placed next to a large glass of…apple juice…yeah…I'll call it apple juice. The second bear was originally...
  10. Golf Bag Locker

    Free and easy plans for this golf cart locker in link below.
  11. Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Magnetic bottle opener link to free plans below.
  12. Michigan Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Michigan magnetic bottle opener link to free plans below
  13. Beer tote

    Perfect gift for fathers day, free plans in link below.
  14. Portable Workbench with Storage

    Portable workbench with tons of storage. Free plan in link below
  15. Entrance to the MAN CAVE

    Any self respecting man cave needs a sign.. and not just any sign… one with Capt Caveman… First is Queensland Maple with a small knot and a wain edge. Second is Quilted Queensland Maple.. Capt Caveman was my hero growing up… The font is YAHOO…
  16. Geeked Out Man Cave Sign For Roger

    I made this "Man Cave" sign for a friend named Roger. Roger does lots of "fix-it" sorts of things for lots of folks in his basement Man Cave workshop. I've made a couple things to make his work more efficient that I've posted here on lumberjocks, a work bench and a thirty drawer storage...
  17. Art for the shop

    Three new ones (others appear in previous project post) prints/images are from beer cans or packaging mounted to 1/8 inch plywood. Frames are made from various on hand and scrap pieces.
  18. Man Cave (shop) Art - 4 beer labels framed

    Cool prints and labels from beer cans/bottles framed in various ways. The monkey frame is pallet wood that already had the red splatter that looked like blood. The two reddish woods are ( i think) american cedar from an old weaving loom. And the small round one is a cedar tree we cut up...
  19. Shop stereo

    Built this shop stereo out of a car stereo for a friend of mine. I built the carcass out of 1/2" oak plywood. I set it up with a bluetooth stereo to stream music or just use the radio or USB port. I also added a 12 volt power outlet so a cell phone could be charged at the same time. The...
  20. Garage Sign

    This week I made myself a Garage sign, used a piece of Select White Pine from Lowes. Design the sign in Vectric Aspire and carved on the X-Carve CNC. Stained with Ipswich Pine stain and painted the lettering with Craft paint. Then sprayed a couple coats of Clear, it turned out great. Thanks for...
1-20 of 29 Results