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  1. Mesquite Vase

    Mesquite wood vase from the family ranch with malachite inlay thanks to the geology professor at the local junior college. used a Robert Sorby Hollowmaster on the inside. Didn't take as much as i could from the inside so its a little heavy but still loved the hollow master.
  2. Persimmon Bowl with Malachite Crack

    This came from a log that had been on the ground for some time. The outside inch or so was almost totally dry, and so it cracked in a somewhat different way than bowls normally do. I filled it with malachite to attempt a save.
  3. Stone Inlay People into Walnut

    This was my first attempt at trying to capture realistic people in stone and wood. The routering of the design into the wood was definitely the most nerve-wracking part since every bit of wood that I was leaving was an integral line for the design. Usually I can move lines around a bit to...
  4. A Couple Of Palm Boxes

    I had a few pieces of wood sitting on my bench for a while now that were a little to small to use but I knew I would be able to work them in someday. Well the Andy style Palm Box was just about the right size. The top on the first box came off of a piece of firewood that I'm not sure what it...
  5. Mirror Frame "Kingdom of Veles"

    Materials: linden, fumed oak, jatoba, amber, Ural malachite, lazurite, gagate. Carved author's mirror frame based on Slavic Pagan Mythology. Действующие лица: Велес (Волос) - божество в славянском языческом пантеоне. "Скотий бог". Покровитель домашнего скота и богатства, попечитель торговцев...
  6. Folk Art Walking Cane: American Indian Apache Chief Geronimo Carved Bust, Zebrawood, Malachite

    ------------------------------------------- This cane was commissioned and has been "SOLD" and shipped to Tampa, Florida USA. Cane Serial No.: #2009-12 Height 37" Welcome Web Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting...
  7. Pens

    Just some bolt-action pens I have recently made. Making the best use of scrap wood. Thanks for looking. Will work on better photos soon.
  8. Half Crook Handle Cane

    This cane has a half crook style handle. Shaft and handle are Walnut with a bone end cap, Bone and Walnut spacer and ferrule. Inlay of Celtic Triquetra in Malachite on front of handle. 35 inches long. All my canes and walking sticks are made by hand, with draw knife, spokeshave and rasp and...
  9. Mulberry Bowl With Malachite Rim

    Mulberry bowl with a malachite rim inlay. About 10"x 3.5". Wanted to thin the rim some, but got worried it would get damaged too easily because the wood is so soft. But it looks kinda cool this way too.
  10. Wood brooch with coral inlay

    Hi. I`ve been away for a lomg time. So this is one of my latest projects. Women brooch made of walnut wood with coral, malachite and silver wire inlay. A bright coral cabochon makes it a true eye catcher. 1×3 in.
  11. Bentwood Rings

    Here are three rings I have made recently. All are made from french walnut using a bentwood method. one is inlaid with horse chestnut and one with crushed malachite. It's quite a lengthy process, especially when inlaying with crushed stone!
  12. Coffee Shop Chalice

    This is a commissioned work for RedRocks Community College Coffee Shop. Check out it in Lakewood,CO. medium - malachite, burning tool, walnut, blue spruce pine, poplar, cherry, white oak, and beech woods. date created - april 2009 size - 12 in 7 in owned by: Scott Spradlin, Nederlands, CO
  13. Kansas Flint Hills Prairie Fire Thumbsticks, Hiking Sticks from Black Walnut, Elk & Deer Antler

    -------------------------------------- Cane Serial Number #2008-24 - green composite malachite, "email me for more information" Cane Serial Number #2008-25 - aqua composite turquoise, SOLD, in Emporia, KS Cane Serial Number #2008-26 - Elk antler crown (GONE), in New Braunfels, TX Height for...
  14. see life II

    See Life II, since the first one I have been working on another I love the flow of this piece. It stands six foot the base is made from a fur burl, (what a pitch) the center old growth red cedar and the orbs are from very spalted maple burl. Finish is rub on poly on the base, tung oil on the...
  15. Thin Persimmon Bowl

    Venturing into thinner territory. Found a live larvae while turning this, filled the holes with malachite and continued. 10.25"x3.25" and 1/4 thick. Weighs 15 ounces.
  16. Life Box

    The box is walnut with extended dovetails. Top is curly cherry with a curly maple tree of life inlay which is itself inlayed with crushed malachite. I made the inlay for another project that didn't work out. Over 20 hours in it alone. The lid has a lip routed around the edge so that it sits...
1-20 of 43 Results