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  1. Projects Spiral Segmented Majestic Rollerball and Fountain

    Had some fun making these segmented Majestic Jr. pens as a Christmas gift for a friend! I spent approximately 12hrs on both of them, the majority of that was making the blank. Each pen has between 520-530 segments of wood; this made for a cool look but certainly was difficult keeping it all...
  2. Majestic Squire Pen

    Wood: Black Walnut. Finish is BLO & CA. Kit from Pen State Industries.
  3. Cedar Bandsaw Box

    This is a bandsaw box, in the shape of pacman. This is after you beat the game, where realistically, he would be super fat by all the dots he ate. I took some wood, and cut a pacman looking out. No real measurements, just made it as close as possible. Then after cutting the drawer out I sanded...
  4. Desert Ironwood Majestic Jr

    I made this Rhodium plated Majestic Jr rollerball pen for my girlfriend. She really liked another pen I made with desert ironwood and chose it for her pen. This is my first attempt at this kit. I think it turned out really nice. I used a CA/BLO finish. Critiques on photography encouraged.
  5. More pens

    Hi all, These are the three last pens I've turned. On the first picture : top wood is aflelia burl, rollerball kit middle one is walnut (from the knot of this board), fountain * last one is ebony, fountain as well. The kits are the Majestic. Having used the walnut pen for a while, these...
  6. Mom's Majestic Jr.

    This was a departure for me, as it was my first premium pen kit. It's a Majestic Jr. Black TN/Platinum Rollerball. I was unsure of the wood, but guys on the IAP helped me figure that it is most likely Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry). It's finished in 8 or 10 coats of BLO/CA, MMed to 12000, then hit...
  7. Blogs
    Majestic Eagle Woodworks....... absence update! To all my LJ family out there……… It has been quite some time since I have posted any projects and or had much involvement at all on LJ's……. The last 6 months have been like a roller coaster that you wouldn't believe… On a pleasant note, I started...
1-7 of 7 Results