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  1. Arts & Crafts Mailbox in quarter sawn white oak

    Design copied, generally, from common one on internet. If only the house matched the oak.
  2. Office mailbox

    Particleboard with 1/8" mdf dividers,I had the big pieces cut to size at the hardware store and the dados for the dividers and construction were cut with a router running against a rafter square.There were over 150 dados just for the dividers, so I cut two spacers that gave me the distance...
  3. Living Roof

    These are living roof. A customer requested a mailbox with this and I decided to put it on a birdhouse. This looks really good once there are vines growing or small flowers. If you look living roof up on google their is a list of plants that have shallow rooting.
  4. "Mail Call"

    "Mail Call" is the most recent box designed around the actual mailbox door the client used to open as a kid. The door dates from 1958. To make the body of the box I used black walnut wainscoting scraps from a savings and loan building the client used to work at. She gave me a small box of them...
  5. Mailbox

    When I signed up on Lumberjocks, I mentioned I was building a mailbox that I would post when finished. Well, it's finally done (just needs to be mounted)! My neighbor across the street has a mailbox that looks like a house, but it is just a shell around an ordinary metal mailbox. You can see...
  6. Timber Framed Mailbox

    This is the first project I have posted. It's really just a mailbox post, but it's different than one's I have seen. My wife and I were in the middle of building a new home, and I wound up with an extra 10ft rough sawn western red cedar 12×12, so I made a timber framed mailbox post of sorts...
  7. Mailbox Post

    My wife backed into our mailbox and knocked it over. I had to replace it and I didn't like the posts that are available at the big box store. After a quick search on google for some ideas and loosely followed the pdf plans from This Old House to make this mailbox post. I'm a little worried...
  8. Cypress Mailbox

    Our mailbox kept falling down and nothing would fit the small space we have available. My wife reminded me that I was a woodworker and viola! It's attached with a french cleat hidden on the backside of the case. I used cypress and put no finish on it. It looks nearly identical after a year. I...
  9. Mailbox Post from Reclaimed Cedar

    Project made from 30 year old 4×12 cedar beams removed from a two thousand square foot deck tear down and cut to size on the bandsaw. The top was shaped using a jig saw, the entire project was glued up using Gorilla's polyurethane glue. Sealed up using Varathanes' Spar exterior urethane.
  10. A mailbox for my niece

    I built this mailbox about 15 years ago. A few weeks ago I saw that it was in need of repair. I put a new roof on and repainted it. The roof is covered with rubber and on top of that I installed small shingles cut from real shingles.
  11. Mailbox

    We replaced our dilapidated, plastic mailbox with this handmade version.
  12. Mailbox post - Pick one: Empire state building or Chrysler building

    I am making a new mailbox post, but I have two prototypes and need to decide which one to use. On the left, is the empire state building, on the right is the chrysler building. What do you think?
  13. Greene & Greene Mailbox

    My old mailbox was a crappy, 1980's, shiny, brass piece of junk. It was vertically oriented and had a small top opening, so it was difficult to find anything inside that wasn't extra long. The new one is curly big leaf maple with Gaboon ebony accents. The center panel is 12gauge copper wire...
  14. Mailbox Post & House

    Made and set this mailbox post and house after church one afternoon for an elderly lady who said a tractor knocked her's over. Had no plans, just made it from what I had laying around under my carport. The post is made from 2" x 5 1/2" X 6' solid Black Walnut coated 3 times in Thompson Water...
  15. My new mailbox

    Last week I showed a mailbox that I had rebuilt for someone. Before: . After One of the things I did was put a metal roof on it because the old wood roof had completely rotted away. When I cut the first roof out of sheet aluminum I cut it too short, but I saved the mistake roof for use...
  16. MIL's Mailbox

    Was asked to make a new mailbox to replace the ratty looking metal one my in-laws had. So I made this for her birthday. Cedar, stained with Behr outdoor stain. A couple pieces of Azek for brackets
  17. Mailbox 2.0

    This is my mailbox 2.0. My version 1.0 got hit by a truck a while back. The first version was very similar to this one, which was an adaptation of Norm Abraham's new yankee mailbox. 2.0 utilizes a trex post sleeve and cap with composite everything else. My first version was made of Mdo...
  18. Art deco mailbox post

    My mailbox post needed a replacement, so I came up with this design which has a little art deco in it. It is treated lumber, screwed and glued, with some stain on it
  19. Hobbit Mailbox

    Hi again. Didn't post anything new for a long time. Here is one of my mailboxes' projects. Had a great customer who is a LOTR fan and wanted me to create a very close looking to the LOTR movie mailbox. So that what did! as always, new wood, hand carved, handmade barrel style mailbox, natural...
  20. Two rural mailboxes

    My parents asked me to make them a new rural delivery mailbox. I have had the idea kicking around in my head for a while of one I wanted to make, so I jumped at the chance. I wanted to do one with a rounded coopered top. Never having done it before, I set out with a spruce 2×4 to build a...
1-20 of 51 Results