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  1. Mom's Birthday Table

    This is a mahogany table that i made for mom's birthday. It has maple inlayed in the legs and a hidden drawer with dovetailed purple heart slides. I applied a coat of minwax english chestnut and then a coat of dark walnut and finished it off with three coats of lacquer.
  2. Wood Box #5

    This is my latest and favorite ever. This the first box i have made with all wood construction, including the hinges and latch. I used lots of different wood in this box. Mahogany sides Maple top Redheart bottom Myrtle hinges Walnut and purpleheart latch 1/4 inch box joint with mortised hinges...
  3. Checkerboard Guitar

    CHECKERED* This Strat style guitar body is a butcher block construction using reclaimed mahogany (red) and hemlock (natural) woods in a solid checkerboard pattern.
  4. Cherry and Sampler Wood Electric Guitar

    CHERRY AND SAMPLER WOOD ELECTRIC GUITAR This Ovation Breadwinner style guitar body was constructed using reclaimed solid cherry wood with various wood inlays which include yellow citrus, mahogany, hemlock, greenheart, walnut, and maple.
  5. Standing Heart box

    Every year, I donate a heart shaped object that benefits a local charity event. This year, I wanted to use most of my tools. The lathe, band saw of course and other tools. Again, I sand this to 4000 grit for that smooth satin feel and finish it with tung oil. This made of purple heart, bird's...
  6. Mahagony Frame

    It smells of Championships and rich Mahogany . . . It's "genuine" Mahogany with a Poplar insert that I applied gold leaf to. The corners were laser cut and then I applied gold leaf. I probably went through with 8-10 test pieces (testing different engraving, leaf and paint techniques) before I...
  7. Box made with scraps - Can you see it?

    Greetings Jocks, Had a few scraps around the shop and decided to make a box. The woods are mahagony and pine (like from a 2×4). The pine had a bird's eye figure (really). I didn't get a good pic of it, but the 4th pic shows it the best. Well, then I thoght I wound add some little drawers to...
  8. Curly Maple/Mahagony Candle Centerpiece

    This is 4/4 Curly Maple and mahogany. Its about 2' long and sits about an inch off the table.
  9. Black Limba Tea Table

    16 piece Black Limba radial matched circular table with Mahagony bent Walnut base and
  10. Toy Car

    OVERALL SIZE: 10" long x 4" high, without "people" MATERIALS: Purpleheart, Mahagony, Redwood, Birch, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Ash, Maple, Alder FINISH: Tung Oil finish with a Polyurethane clear coat COMMENTS: This is an original design. The rear wheels drive opposable cams which...
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    This is Winchester .307 and is over 30 years old; he keeps good care of his guns.
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Last year, I bought a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. It was installed by the dealer/service provider. Some time after, one of the head gaskets in the unit popped. The unit began a free-flow leak underneath the sink. The water was flowing towards the exterior wall and not into the rest of the...
  13. Blogs
    Where's my blog content? Well, that's a good question. It didn't take me long to join LJ after I stumbled on to if from the Wood Whisperer site but I haven't added any info about my shop, projects, or blog entries. I've been one of those lurker types just putting in comments about other's...
  14. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am in need of a way to cut miters for furniture quality projects. I've been doing it on my table saw to limited success. I've been thinking of getting a old Stanley 150 or bigger Miterbox but I don't know if there are capable of the precision I want. What should I look out for when shopping...
1-14 of 14 Results