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  1. The Cat's End Table

    My wife asked me to make Donald, the cat, an end table the same height as the window sill so he could sit on the table and look out the window, which he likes to do. So I set about designing and creating The Cat's End Table in a southwestern desert theme. This is the result. Now the other...
  2. I Stole the Design of this Magazine Rack from The Wood Whisperer

    Title says it all.. After seeing Mark Spagnuolo's (version of Glenn Huey's) magazine rack, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to rip off his design. Soft Maple, some figured walnut and zinc plated steel rods (couldn't find stainless steel). Finish was natural flavored watco danish oil...
  3. Magazine Rack

    made of ash
  4. Magazine Rack

    This rack is made from old barn boards and I turned the dowels out of sweet gum saplings. Turning wood is one of my favorite things to do. It is currently holding 50 magazines and there is plenty of room for more.
  5. Whimsical Magazine rack

    I needed a quick project to get my mind off of life for a day, so I though about what I could build that would be fun yet challenging. This was the result. It's a magazine rack for the bathroom. I used some left over tiger maple, and resawed a piece of 8/4 african mahogany for the sides. The...
  6. Lamp End Table

    End table / Lamp table for my 5th wheel.
  7. Magazine Rack

    This is the latest in my series of home organization projects. It arose out of a need to do something about the constantly-growing pile of magazines and catalogs beside my bed (don't tell me you don't have one!). I wanted an open design that would show the covers of the magazines, and allow...
  8. Chestnut end table and magazine rack

    I had some wormy chestnut wood stored in some rafters and chose this as a Christmas project for the wife. I actually had a non-wormy chestnut 2×4 that I made the legs out of. The top and sides was actually wood given to me by a co-worker so I really saved some money there! This was actually...
  9. Danish Modern Magazine Rack

    I found this design on someone's Pinterest page, and it was the perfect time waster to build over the three day weekend. I intentionally did everything the hard way just to make my brain work (wedged legs, tilted wings, resawed the wood from scraps) and it did. I did manage to use my...
  10. Arts and Crafts Magazine Rack with French Inlay Banding

    I made this Arts and Crafts magazine rack as a gift to my wife's Psychoanalysis Mom (whatever exactly that means) who also was kind enough to pay for our wedding reception in Taiwan 10 years ago. Since Psychoanalysis Mom lives in Taiwan, I figured it would go back to Taiwan in a carry-on. As...
  11. Magazine Rack

    Another Christmas present I did this year. This one is a magazine rack I made for my in-laws. It loosely based on the one G_Bishop posted on here. It is made out of Popular and sealed with Danish Oil. Several techniques were firsts for me. I have never done through tendons before. I...
  12. Military Shadow Box Table Magazine Rack

    Lumber Jocks and Guests, Here is a Retirement Shadow Box Table I built for one of the Air Force professionals. It is made of solid poplar and birch plywood and stained with Rustoleum walnut stain. It is a variation of my first project I posted on Lumber Jocks. Hope you like it. Woody 1492
  13. Magazine racks

    These are magazine racks I made as gifts for my relatives. One is made of alder and clear coated. The other two are mad of distressed poplar. Each of them have my relatives cattle brand routed on the end of the case.
  14. Magazine Rack

    I drew inspiration from several photos on the web for this project, but none of those projects quite fit what I was looking for.
  15. Magazine Rack

    Made from oak. The frames are mitered with 2 splines in each miter.
  16. One Board Magazine Rack

    I used one 8×4x1 piece of oak to make the magazine rack similar to the one in Popular Woodworking and The Wood Whisper's Library Magazine Rack plans modified to my liking. Finished with Old Masters Cherry and Golden Oak and then two coats of Varathane Semi Gloss Poly.
  17. Magazine Rack

    Completed in 1989. Made this oak magazine rack as a gift. Note sure where I got the design. Wife saw picture today and said she wants one mounted next to the toilet! She's tired of my magazines making a mess I guess…
  18. Finishing Suggestions ??

    Bathroom Magazine Rack - American Cherry. Undecided on how to finish. Thinking just a clear poly, keep it light and shiny ?
  19. Magazine Rack Cover

    So I've got this wire magazine rack, and I like to read in the comfy chair. I also like having a table or some such to put my drink and book down from time to time. Took a piece of curly maple, and came up with this. Two coats of spar urethane with a light sanding between them on the top, one...
  20. Wall mounted magazine racks

    I designed these magazine racks for use in the bathroom to store your reading material. I based the design of Popular Woodworking June 2009 library magazine rack and the wood whisper's pod cast. I modified it to fit in a smaller area. Both are made of Cherry and Walnut finished with Watco...
1-20 of 33 Results