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  1. Side Table

    My little end table…is it a SHaker style? Alder with resawn Madrone veneer top and turned knob. The knob is some plum wood that I had from a tree that grew in my yard for 30 years and then died. The core was rotten but the edges around the core were a beautiful purple figured color. Only...
  2. Cutting board

    My first end grain cutting board made for my step son this last Christmas. Woods used include cherry, hard maple, bigleaf maple, madrone, Monterey Cypress and I think there was some hickory….not sure about that though. So many woods! I know I wanted to use some hickory- maybe I just wanted to...
  3. Fabric Tube Box

    My father and I make wands, and usually I sell them through new age retailers and game shops. My father enjoys the meditation of turning, while I enjoy the carving and adding crystals. But I have not been so active on the sales front, instead being primarily focused on art and sculpture for the...
  4. My Madrone bowl

    This is one of my madrone burl bowls that I made on my cool little lathe. We soaked this in pentacryle for a week. it is 5'' diameter and 2'' tall.
  5. Staved vessel

    After seeing so many other beautiful project by other lumberjocks, I just had to try a staved vessel of my own. This is of Madrone and Ebony (Offcuts from a previously posted Greene and Greene table) and having finished it I think it's one of the ugliest things I have made in recent history...
  6. Sanding block

    The idea was to come up with a sanding block design which was tool less and easy to change between grits. I think I accomplished that but it ended up being slightly over complicated for a sanding block;)
  7. Pen from madrone burl

    Pen from madrone burl.
  8. a good day in shop

    heres a 8 in by 4 in high maple burl botom with great fiqure and charecter. i used a steamed madrone burl for three off them, which gave it a great contrast, it realy was a joy making, was my first of this kind. Its going to be used as tortia holder at firend local mexican restraunt, the...
  9. Spoons & an ice crusher

    The spoons are made from oregon madrone & oregon walnut. The crusher is made from hawaiian koa my friend salvaged over in hawaii.
  10. Stool

    Made with claro walnut and madrone. What was fun for this project was thinking up and then making the joinery for the legs.
  11. Madrone SPice Shelf

    I got some "Bugsy Madrone" very cheap at the local sawmill… these boards were the rattiest looking of the lot. I resawed them, and hand cut box joints which I like to leave a little 'proud'. I forgot to take shots before putting it to work! I love madrone. This board had some nice figure...
  12. madrone burl large and small bowl steamed and cured

    hi evereyone all is well love working the wood lathe. here are a couple of pieces i have done they came out very well i was very proud of my job. the steamed madrone burl is a outstanding wood type very stable and some great figure. you just never no how going to look untill i apply the...
  13. Fore

    We needed a new utensil 'caddy' for the kitchen. Made from from Madrone with birch plywood bottom, it has acrylic sides and aluminum upper protective guides. All joints courtesy Festool dominos. Finished with Odies oil.
  14. Sun-ray Thread Holder

    This was my first fine woodworking project at College of the Redwoods. The sun is made of madrone and the rays are made of Australian Cypress. Both very beautiful. I epoxied in 1/8" brass pins to set the spools on. Finish is clear Danish oil and the 3rd coat is wet sanded with 400 grit. The...
  15. "Bagyo" Liquor Table

    Liquor table I made in my 2nd semester at College of the Redwood's Fine Woodworking program. I dubbed it Baguio which is typhoon in Tagalog Wood Used: -Silver Maple top -Madrone stand
  16. First Tobacco pipe

    First post here! First attempt at a tobacco pipe. Not the prettiest I have ever seen, but it smokes great and I'm proud of the way it turned out with the limited tools I have. Hope you guys enjoy, and also look forward to learning a ton from everyone on here!
  17. Maple rolling pins- and some wormy madrone

    Two pacific big-leaf maple french rolling pins which turned just fine. Two madrone rolling pins which were more problematic. The madrone is lovely and turns nicely, but the batch I used was a little too wormy for rolling pins- should have saved it for the little boxes. When worm tracks are...
  18. Small bookcase

    This was at an Airbnb where I stayed a couple of years ago, & I took a pic and a couple of measurements. The wood is madrone, milled in northern California many years ago- difficult to dry, but great to work after that. the 5/8" sides and shelves are joined with #10 biscuits. The trefoil design...
  19. Texas Madrone and Turquoise "Bullet Hole" Bowl

    Fellow Lumberjock Duckmilk gave me a chunk of Texas madrone from his cousin's place in New Mexico. It had been sitting in the desert sun for a while and looked a little rough, including a hole that runs through the center. Rather than cut it down to avoid the holes and checks, I decided to...

    I just finished this and it took forever, it's the first and last time I work with Madrone (I think). The problem is constantly running into pockets of bad wood, but it was also somewhat of a blessing because I didn't know what I was going to make so I started removing bad wood until...
1-20 of 84 Results