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  1. Madrone Burl Side Table

    This 2' by 4' madrone burl I found about 4 years ago in Portland in a junk shop, along with heavy raw edge maple slab for the legs. I talked the owner down to $60 for burl and $35 for maple slab. I used my router sled to level madrone burl and the rot in the maple slab dicktated the shape of the...
  2. Madrone Burl Clock

    This is my second Clock made out of Madrone Burl. It was the first one that sold on Ebay. Thanks for looking!
  3. Multi Axis Hollow Form

    This is one of my multi axis hollow forms. Turned from Boiled Madrone Burl. This piece is 3"x3"x3". To create this piece I had to remount it 12 times to get all the side to match up the way they did. All C and C welcome.
  4. madrone burl large and small bowl steamed and cured

    hi evereyone all is well love working the wood lathe. here are a couple of pieces i have done they came out very well i was very proud of my job. the steamed madrone burl is a outstanding wood type very stable and some great figure. you just never no how going to look untill i apply the...
  5. Spalted maple burl wooden hats by Exotic Manzanita

    hello fellow wood workers, hers a mintiure hat made from spalted mape burl. they are very neat and fun to make. some day want to make larger hats full size. I placed on madrone burl piece, seems to look pretty good. well back to work. all preview more of my hats soon. madrone burl, claor...
  6. madrone burl "steamed"

    these are all from the same slab of wood. the red tone to wood is caused by steaming burl under pressure. they were air dried. i was satisfied with the outcome. take care and fun times in shop, manzanitaman.
  7. Light and Dark Series 2

    This is a piece of madrone burl i turned into a hollow form, because madrone moves so much i decided not to put a foot on the piece but put it on a stand instead. the hollow form is 5"x4" walls are about 1/4" thick, total height is 8" with base. the madrone has no finish but the texture is...
  8. madrone burl bace with root, myrtle wood lampshade .

    the burl lamp is one that shows the great looks of raw madrone burl. this piece was steamed pressure cooked. this help pramote drying and eliminates craking. i like the looks of small burl. hope you enjoy. i traded this lamp for 300 ft of steel track used in walnut industry great deal.
  9. Veneer Compass Rose

    Veneer Compass Rose 8"x 11", finished with tung-oil and wax. All comments and questions welcome.
  10. Madrone Burl bowl

    This is a Madrone burl bowl that I turned a couple of weeks ago. I got this wood from Greg at Oregon Burls. If you haven't checked into any of his wood yet, you need to. He has a website "" or check him out on ebay. This blank was still pretty wet, but with some very helpful...
  11. Multi axis hollow form

    My newest multi axis hollow form is made from Madrone Burl. It is 3"x3" and has a round bottom. It is finished with wipe on poly.
  12. Distorted Madrone Burl Bowl

    This is a Madrone burl I turned a while ago. I turned it around 1/8" thick from a green burl. It loves to move lots. If you want it to move you need to turn it thin as you can go. The thinner you turn it the more it moves. If you turn the madrone more that 1/4 it will crack if you don't boil...
  13. Spalted Black Walnut Burl and Sycamore Box

    I took a trip to Oregon Burls and got this Walnut Burl from Greg. I had bought the Sycamore on the internet and was waiting for some complimentary wood for a top. I finally put the two together. 9" x 6" x 6". A quick wash with BLO and then Watco Danish Oil. The second box has a top of...
  14. Some of my pens

    Just wanted to share some pics of my pens with everyone. My favorite so far is the Navigator pen but the one I'm most proud of making is the corncob, turning it was a challenge and then the color was poor so I had to add some stain to get the black more blacker… it's a special request gift so I...
  15. elk horn lamp madrone burl base full live edge

    my first elk horn lamp, madrone burl base steamed. lamp shade is madrone burl. used to have quantaties of shades but will start making once again. horn lamps are fun to make and beleve it or not very afordable. i have made many of these types and will display some of them.
  16. Steamed madrone burl bowl by exotic manzanita.

    steamed madrone burl. this was a great piece had some beautiful grain. this is some of my earlyier work. I enjoy wood lathe and would love to talk bowls, and even share my tequniques.this piece is 12in wide and 3 tall. have fun wood working.
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I, like quite a few on this site, enjoy listening to music while I'm working in the shop. It keeps me feeling good, and keeps my mind sharp. I can't say enough about how much I love music. My problem is that I'm trying to figure out the best way to listen to music in my shop. Right now I...
  18. Blogs
    Hunting burl was a success! Hey all my friends. Just spent about 20 hours getting this Spalted Maple Burl from a guy in Sweet Home, OR. Nice place! It was one tree and about 10,000 lbs. 6" diameter burl at the butt. Beautiful colors. Grade A burl. Went over the scales at 25,000 gvw and I tared...
  19. Wood & Lumber
    What would be some good wood and what would be easy project to start off. I have only done little woodwork but would like an easy job to make. Any sugestions?
  20. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hello all! I've been looking for good plans to make my own surface sander attachment for my shopsmith. Actually this is how I found this website. I've seen several pics and descriptions about how to build the drum and how to mount it, but still haven't figured out a good way to feed stock...
1-20 of 24 Results