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  1. State of MA band saw box

    In my four part series of Boston cape and the islands jewelry box, this is part 2. State of MA made From solid cherry and then walnut drawer front and maple handles
  2. My first project - Bed Headboard and footboard

    Well, this was my first project. I guess I didn't buy into the start small theory. The Headboard and Footboard of this queen size bed were made from red oak, stained, then several coats of poly to finish. I didn't know really anything about woodworking going into this project, just what I had...
  3. Another Mixed Hardwood End Grain Board

    Hot off the press today with another 3 near complete (pics to follow). Really pleased with this one as the end grain showed some gorgeous colouring and detail. Oak, Ash, Padauk, Sapele, Maple and Beech. Rounded finger holds added using a 1/4" bull nosed router bit. Dimensions - 450mm x 320mm x...
  4. Beer paddle

    Here is a different twist on the beer paddle. Christina helped with he design inspiration. This is a beer and peanut paddle. It's a an 11 inch circle but I made it so two sides you can pick up. In one of the photos I took a picture that shows you a routed out handle underneath so you can pick...
  5. Wormy Maple table

    Wormy Maple table with a black poplar base.
  6. Roadside Cross for JR

    This is a roadside marker I made for a family whose young son was killed in a fatal vehicle accident just south east of my shop in Academy, Tx and near Rogers,Tx on Hwy 36 which is nicknamed "the Highway of Death" since it has a very high fatal accident rate here in Texas. I made it out of...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm not affiliated with Rikon, just another happy customer. I just received news that Rikon in Billerica, MA is having another one of their Scratch&Dent Sale this coming Friday, and thought some lumberjocks might be interested, and might be able to utilize this opportunity to get good quality...
  8. Hand Tools
    My wife and I are planning a leaf peeping trip this fall and will be in the New England area. Any especially interesting woodworking tool, lumber, schools, and such wood related sites to visit? Glenn "Woodketeer"
  9. Blogs
    Picnic Time! I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and was waiting for the right moment to get this going. After talking about it with several of you MA residents, and getting a good vibe from you guys. I think it's time we make it official: Lumberjocks of New England Picnic Day...
  10. Blogs
    LN HAND TOOL EVENT at Furniture Institute of Massachusetts Anyone planning on Attending as well? I'm going to be there tomorrow SAT at ~10am when the show starts. It's in Beverly MA starts 10am till 5pm, Free Admission and looks like a very good event. more about it can be found here...
  11. Marketplace Classifieds
    I recently saw an ad on Boston's craigslist posting for free Masonite sheets 48"x40" and thought I'd share it with everyone here. this is a shipping company and they get their packages on pellets with a masonite top to protect the bottom of the packages. they then just discard the masonite...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This one is on Boston's Craigslist:
1-12 of 12 Results