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  1. Projects East Asian Curly Lychee Platter

    This 6.5x1” platter is made from East Asian Curly Lychee. This also has Chatoyancy properties. The ripples on the bottom appear 3D but the bottom is completely flat..
  2. Wedding Box

    My good friend from college is getting married in a couple of weeks and what better way to store his cards and small gifts than a keepsake box. It's crafted from hard maple (lid), afromosia (bottom) and lychee (body). I picked up the lychee right before we left Hawaii and I'm very pleased with...
  3. Custom Large Mens Cane #36: Lychee & Marblewood

    This cane was made for a fellow who is a wood scientist. A wood scientist is a very serious person when it comes to identifying wood. You do not want to loosely name a species of wood around a wood scientist. He needed a cane that was extremely sturdy and has a large handle. I used Lychee...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    Jointech Smart Miter Sled-$200 plus shipping. New and unused condition. The Jointech Smart has a number of unique features: • Main board is ½ inch phenolic which is flat and much more durable that other popular MDF sleds. • Fence extends a full 48 inches • Two hundred Angle...
1-4 of 4 Results