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  1. A few lures from the lathe

    Been awhile since I posted anything on LJs. Just wanted to show a few of the first maple fishing lures I made on the lathe. Just experimenting on shapes, colors and patterns. Will they catch fish?... who knows. These were all turned from maple cutoffs and fancied up with an airbrush. Coated...
  2. Cedar Topwater Poppers

    Here are a few poppers turned from cedar. All are airbrushed then cleared with Envirotex.
  3. Cedar Double Prop Topwater Lures

    More cedar lures turned turned on my lathe. All my cedar is rescued from farms in the area before it is burned. I only use dead trees usually dead so long the bark is gone. Airbrushed and cleared with Envirotex.
  4. fishing lure

    hello everone today was a good day to go back in the shop . it was getting warm in new england and i had a bad case of fishing fever . so i went back to making some new plugs for my self since i sold a bunch last year and i need some for my self now . this is how far i got al they need now is...
  5. My first crankbait from scratch

    About a month ago I decided I wanted to fish with some of my own lures. I spent a long time researching how to make a crankbait. Youtube certainly is a great way to learn stuff. Well, it's about a month later. A bunch of new tools, and armed to going from making beds and benches to a wood...
  6. Tiny Twitch Baits with Flashabou

    Out in the shop today. Decided to make a sort of little twitch bait for early in the season when Ice goes out in the spring here at the lake. It's about fifteen degrees here in Maine today. These are very small, but with a little detail. Hard to work on, carve, detail painting, etc, as they're...
  7. Segmented walking bait

    Yet another bait made while I'm in a pandemic mood. This is a segmented walking bait. The paint pattern is a chub, which is a common north American bait fish found all over. It started out as a small piece of 40 yr old pine I had around and ended up a fish. As usual I made everything except the...
  8. New Fishing Lures

    Top row: Jerk Bait w rattle. Middle Row Left: Popper Middle Row Right: Popper, made of wine cork. Bottom Left: Diver Plug w rattle. Bottom Right: Diver Plug with rattle (Unfinished; missing a lip and hooks). All is made of pine/cedar/cork.
  9. Lures for Grant

    Napaman has a great blog on a young fellow going through some hard times. He asked so little, thought I'd see if I could get on board. Never made a fishing plug before but I had enough wood for this project and thought it would be fun. Don't know how the fish will feel about these, but as...
  10. Mesquite Buffet

    I made this buffet using a flitch of mesquite planks; the top and all panels are book matched. The legs are maple with a black milk paint finish. This project took a while to complete but was very satisfying. An image of this buffet was published in the Lark #500 Cabinets" book.
  11. Woodturning
    I bought the Basic Pen Making Starter Package with Turncrafter Commander 10" Variable Midi Lathe It came with a 3pc Carbon Steel Chisel set I want to start my pen making with better tools, I can spend about $100 on the 3 starter tools I'm not even sure of the names of the tools,one is a skew I...
  12. Finishing
    I am considering buying an Airbrush System for doing detail painting on some of my projects. Has anyone else tried this? I've never used one before but I've heard they are great? The system I'm looking at is made by Grex...
  13. Blogs
    FISHING LURE DRIVE FOR GRANT---LJ's I need your help... Dear Fellow LJ's… If you read no other entry today I would like to ask you to take 5 minutes and read the following plea for help for a great young man…you can learn more about his story here. I have been a part of this wonderful...
  14. Woodworking Skill Share
    What is the favorite thing you have built ?
1-15 of 15 Results