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  1. Cypress Cabana

    This is a cabana that i built with cypress wood.The columns and beams were all 10×10 cypress and the rafters were 4×12.The decking was 1 inch tongue and groove.It was a lot of heavy work.We also set 2 10×10 cypress beams that were 20 ft long inside of the house in the den.This is my oldest son...
  2. Marblewood Cheese Slicer

    This is a cheese slicer I made as a Christmas gift. The wood is marblewood. I was originally planning to try some inlay in the piece, but the wood grain pattern seemed too beautiful to try to add anything to, so I let it stand on its own. I was inspired to make this after seeing SPalm's cheese...
  3. Birdseye Maple and Bloodwood Box

    Thanks to the person who posted a box with a similar wood combination. I can't keep up with all of the projects that catch my eye. Is there a limit to the Favorites file?? I found this leftover piece of bloodwood. I had some Birdseye maple. This is the result. Watco Danish Oil as a finish...
  4. LumberJocks 2018 Boxswap

    This is the box a made for the 2018 Boxswap. It is made from pine and a darker wood that came from a weathered 4×4, so it could very well be pine also. I used a stacked method of shorter and longer strips to form the box joints. I wanted to do all the work by hand but I did end up ripping the...
  5. Book Case & Cabinet

    These book cases units were made from MDO and the cabinet door were made from Poplar. The customer was so pleased she gave me a huge discount on a Bichon puppy we bought from her. PS, I should mention that there are 8 separate sections 4 top shelves and 4 bottom cabinets. All the shelves are...
  6. Flaming Hand Saw

    A wooden Handsaw Scroll work w/flames made from Oak and Birch
  7. A Jock-O-Lantern

    Well, this isn't exactly made of wood, but I thought it deserved posting here as my first carving, even if it was on a pumpkin. Just getting into the holiday spirit a little. Didn't spend much time in the shop this weekend but I did get to spend some time with my wife and daughter carving...
  8. Segmented stopper #4 - The Argyle

    This wine bottle stopper has been sold. Visit my Etsy store to see the available wine bottle stoppers Project Description I've been looking forward to turning this blank. I build this last summer with the design of an argyle sock in my head. I like the look of the pattern and I find the shape...
  9. Weave Cutting Board

    This cutting board is made from Sapele, Maple Ambrosia, and Yellowheart.
  10. Not quite Wood, but inspired by Lumberjock Dusty

    I grabbed a book and a starter kit from Delphi. and decided to try my hand. The only scary part is the grinding, so I'll probably make a contained grinding station with a nice big DC hookup in back. Requires some god lighting too. I haven't played with Lead Came for the border yet, but so...
  11. Curved Lid Box

    All, This is a curved-lid box made from padauk. Ends are milk-painted poplar. Finish was several coats of gloss lacquer. This was based on plans from Woodsmith. You can get a free copy here: Thanks, Tim
  12. Been a long Winter

    Trying to keep busy in the cold days till Spring, getting started on Xmas gifts for this year early, These are compound cut lamp posts from a pattern "Sue Mey" website, one is out of Oak, and 2 out of Cherry. Increased pattern size aprox 25% to make to tall one so that could fit a "tea candle"...
  13. manzanita floor lamp

    sandblasted manzanita on juniper rounds with a little turquoise inlay.
  14. Display Case

    A friend of mine from work creates and sells her own handbags, jewerly…etc. She puts on shows at various locations around the bay area. She needed a display case that would be small enough to carry yet large enough to hold her items and transport them to the shows. She gave me a design she would...
  15. fairy house on a stump

    This is my favorite piece to date. It features an old stump a friend of mine begged me to take that I wasn't really interested in. It sat in front of my shop for 2 years! I had a friend visiting last year that totally believes in fairies and asked me to build a fairy house for her garden. She...
  16. Spoons

    First from oak, others from little plum burls. First try of spoons.
  17. cribbage board box

    This is a cribbage board box made from a walnut top and sides with maple ends for contrast. The base is alder. The finish is polycrylic 7 coats and then hard paste wax. Measurements are 5" H x 13" W Plenty of room inside for card decks, instructions and pegs.
  18. Naughty (Knotty) Refined Rustic White Oak & Black Walnut China Hutch, Antler Handles, Antique Glass

    This is my entry in the "A Knot Like No Other" category for the Winter Lumberjock woodworking Competition. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 Project Story: I have a hard time choosing one knot that is special on this project though. I suppose the story behind the knot...
  19. LumberJocks Woodworking Sign

    I thought I'd do a "double duty" with this one-a sign for our picnic and a Summer Awards Project. I might try it again to see if I can do it better next time but until then, this will be adorning our backyard. Wood: cedar sign; walnut, pine, and something or other wood (stuff I had kicking...
  20. Bath Vanity's

    Here are a couple of my latest bath vanities. They are made out of stained birch and the center panels are some light curly maple. The lower door in the small vanity drops down and inside holds rolls of toilet paper. Thanks for viewing.
1-20 of 205 Results