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  1. Trailer for my WS Truck

    G'day Heres the trailer I made to go with my WS truck I did not use a plan , just made it up as I went I did try to make expandable in width and length but it was not sturdy enough for me so it became a standard fixed version. now I need a model of construction equiptment to load on...
  2. Cat 352f excavator model

    Scratch built this excavater for our son's 2nd birthday to go with the the prime mover and lowloader from his first birthday. Tracks move and have a tensioner set up. All rams are hand planned aa I don't have a lathe most built with hand tools. It is modeled off a 50 ton cat and is a 1-10 scale...
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi all. I am sure there are a few people here who use sketchup to model their wood working projects. I created a plugin that allows you to select a set of faces on two boards and it will create dovetails in the objects. There are a few limitations right now, like the two boards have to each be...
1-3 of 3 Results