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  1. Low Back Chair

    This low back chair offers great comfort and beauty that will last for generations. Using the Maloof joint to attach the legs is not only about as strong as you get it allows us to hand sculpt the fair curves that make this chair such a delight to look at and sit in. The Low Back Chair, which...
  2. Maloof dining chair

    Good day, fellow LJ's. This is my attempt to copy Maloof's low back dining chair. I think I jumped on to big of a challange for my level of experience. The two months of making it, was a real struggle. I had to learn how to do this by trial and error. So, most of the time it was screwing...
  3. "Immitation is..."

    "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." I don't know where I've been my whole life, but I had never seen a piece of Sam Maloof"s furniture until recently. I saw Joe Davis's Maloof Rocker about 6 months ago on this site, and was immediately taken by it's beautiful lines and form. I read...
  4. Maloof inspired Low Back chair

    Hello everyone, Well, I've been out of the workshop, taking advantage of the season and doing my share of fly fishing (WoHoo!), but between sneaking away for a quick cast or two and making my share of sawdust I managed to put together a new video and template project for all my woodworking...
  5. Blogs
    Its on! After reading Maloof's book last summer, I ordered the DVD and templates from Scott Morrison, claiming the lowback to be my "winter project". Now its (actually "they" as I'm making a pair) on the way as I officially have completed the first few steps: Glued the templates on plywood...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    What is the most economical/efficient way to turn some of this beautiful wood in to workable stock.
1-6 of 6 Results