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  1. Chip carved hard maple spoons

    So this is my recent set of spoons. Crafted by splitting blanks with a froe and mallet, shaped with an axe, and detailed with a carving knife. Many pro spoon carvers (Im still amature.. ) do NOT sand their spoons! So as you know wetting wood causes the grain to raise, but slices with a sharp...
  2. Ironwood carved spoon

    This is a project Ive been excited to take on for a while. The main mission has been to find some Ironwood! Finally! I have enough to make about 5 more spoons. Carving green, it was actually ok to work with. I wouldn't say it was a whole lot more difficult to carve than green hard maple...
  3. Live edge cherry spatula

    So heres a cool little creation.. I made a cherry spatula, split from a log using a froe, shaped with an axe, then a drawknife. But I left a bit of the live edge on. Finished with a butchers block wax. What do you think?
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hello. I have just posted a video on youtube I made from a series of videos I recorded during the winter of me turning a Bishop on my spring pole lathe. It is designed after Roy Underhill's lathe although I made a mandrill sort of jig to turn small objects. The rope spins the mandrill which...
1-4 of 4 Results