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  1. Observatory - the sky is the limit... post

    Observatory the sky is the limit! Well not really the sky, as the regulations at the allotment house areas building code says 3,5 meter max height, smiles. But that can't stop me from dreaming and at the end of the day, it was all about being able to see the beautiful fields and forest that...
  2. Play set

    I didn't do this, my son built it. He's a chip off the old block, doesn't work from plans, just does it. It has 2 slides, a rope ladder, numerous regular ladders, 3 swings, 1 climbing wall, 1 trapdoor, 1 fireman's pole, 1 mail box, 1 rope climb, 1 steering wheel, 1 lookout with telescope, a...
  3. Blogs
    Observatory - never stop dreaming Observatory the sky is the limit! I have passed the famous fifty, but the child in me never left. One thing I never got to build as an architect, was a tower, one thing I dreamed of as a boy was a tower or a tree hut and I loved to lay on my back and watch...
1-4 of 4 Results