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  1. Barn Wood Laundry Door

    I recently replaced a conventional modern door leading to the laundry room with a barn wood door. The prior door opened into the laundry room leaving little room to do anything once you got in there. The wife 'convinced' me to replace it…. The barn door is made from reclaimed long leaf pine...
  2. 1920's H.D. Lee guitar (Lee Jeans founder)

    Another Cigar Box guitar. The parents of my good friend moved into town from the country. When they sold their farm I picked up some cigar boxes which had this one in it. When I opened it it had this label on the inside. I reversed the lid to allow the label to show. I researched the box date...
  3. Framed Mirror

    Here's a framed mirror I did a while back. The material used is ipe and long leaf pine. I used a red stain on the ipe to give it the desired color. The pine was left a natural color. The wood next to the mirror is ipe with a walnut colored stain. Finish is BLO. A cross section of the frame is...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have an old Makita 2708 tablesaw that has served me well. Has anyone either made or purchased an upgrade fence for this saw? I believe that Rousseau Co. used to make one, but it appears that it is no longer available.
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    Exceptional EARLY Growth GIANT Texas Long Leaf pine beams. Beams were CUT in the 1880's and used in an early building in Texas. They were cut from BIG trees that are just not around anymore. These beams have been planed to a thickness of 2 inches thick and are 13 inches wide with rough edges so...
  6. Blogs
    This ole barnwood is too pretty to carve a ranch sign out of...but too late now :) This ole barnwood is too pretty to carve a ranch sign out of…but too late now :) Yep, that's my blog and I am a sticking to it…Got an order last week for a 1"x12"x12' and a 1"x12"x6' carved sign for a ranch in...
1-6 of 6 Results