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  1. Lone Star

    Just a fun project from the old fence.
  2. Medium with Hackberry Lazy Susan

    This is my "Medium with Hackberry" Lazy Susan. The measurements are 15 1/2" across (17" tip to tip) and 2" high. This lazy susan has 9 kinds of wood, all the natural colors. There are 464 pieces in the overlay, 136 diamonds and 328 triangles. The type of wood used is listed on the bottom from...
  3. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get to it. SKIL...
1-3 of 3 Results