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  1. One Ugly Bandsaw Box

    Here's my first attempt at building a bandsaw box. I used a log from one of the water oaks in my back yard; it's about 4.5 inches in diameter. The log also has a little bit of spalting in it. I covered the whole thing with some poly. It turned out rather ugly, but it was a still a fun weekend...
  2. Rustic Aspen Bench

    Just had to share this natural shape. Aspen and weathered wood…probably Doug fir slab. No bottom cross piece…a great place for boots. Bruce
  3. Jewelry racks, primitive and rustic

    I get quite a few requests for custom jewelry racks for people who sell jewelry at vendor shows. But some of my racks get used at home too. (Remember these David? LOL) I use cut nails - predrill then pound in the nails. The paint job is my own prim finish. Layer the paint, sand to distress...

    This is what happens when it is too cold and rainy to work outside. Bring it in. :) This is a large, live edge log stool 21 inches in diameter, about 17.5 inches high. This stool has 4 legs rather than the traditional three. Why? I just wanted to that's why. :) the newspapers tell you that...
  5. Chair

    Chair made to match dessk for my daughter. Solid walnut with faux suede cover over two inch foam pad.
  6. Wine stopper and corkscrew set.

    The wine stoppers are olive wood and canary wood, the corkscrew stopper is cocobolo. The block is maple and the engraving done on a CNC machine. The letters were colored with craft paint prior to applying the finish.
  7. Live edge beetle kill pine sofa table

    This was my first real project. I welcome any and all criticism. Please let me know what you think I could improve on. I made this entirely from beetle kill pine. I bought all of the wood from Rocky Blue Woodworks out of Westminster Colorado. Those guys run a portable mill and have been...
  8. Freeform White Oak Sculpted Stump Stool, Table, Pedestal, or Stand ~ with nice Natural Hole

    White Oak Sculpted Stump Stool, Table, Pedestal, or Stand ~ with nice Natural Hole This piece stands 21" tall with a 23X14 top. The hole is 2.5X 4" & 3" deep This piece can be seen on ebay where it has more pics & a shipping calculator. Thanks for looking...
  9. Natural Free form Live edge Cherry stump Stool, table, Pedestal or stand

    Natural Free form Live edge Cherry stump Stool, table, Pedestal or stand. This piece stands 14 tall & has a 12.5X14.5 Top Finished with spar urethane. This piece can be seen on ebay where it has more pics & a shipping calculator...
  10. Log dresser

    Log dresser. The pannels are 1" cypress, I plan to make a relief in them molesworth style, just havent decided yet on what they will be. There are 4 pannels, I am thinking the "end of the trail" indian on a horse as one. Maybe a buffalo as another. Any ideas are welcome please.
  11. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

    Kids have so many toys these days, it's very hard for a grandpa to know what to get for a five-year-old's birthday. My solution is to make something for my grandchildren, and give them a little cash along with that so they can buy whatever toy they might want. This year the gift is a jigsaw...
  12. Yard art - reindeer made from logs

    This fella is about 2 feet tall. I understand that cutting trees in the winter means the bark may stay attached, so hopefully that will be the case. I drilled mostly 3/4 inch holes and carved tenons to fit all the pieces together. The carving was easy since it was done right after I felled...
  13. lodge stlye rustic sideboard

    I built this sideboard with a matching hutch to go in an Idaho art gallery. The pine legs are from dead standing trees. I like these because the surfaces are covered with insect tracks and knots. The real nature of the forest shows up. I use Alder for the box and doors. It is also a local wood...
  14. Wooden horse

    For a long time now my daughters have been using sawhorses to put saddles on and play that they are riding horses. I have been thinking that it would be nice to make something that better resembles a real horse and presented an idea to my father in law. Coincidentally he had a pine log that we...
  15. Lodge Style Rustic Hutch

    This is the hutch built to match my sideboard. The Pine log legs are contrasted with dark stained hand planed Alder. Dried willow branched decorate the crown. Natural Pine has been used for shelving and accents. Priced to sell! Matching Sideboard
  16. rustic, slab, live edge maple table or bench

    This is a rustic, slab, live edge maple table or bench. Side rails are naturally bent. Finish is 4 coats miniwax semi poly. I need to take more pictures of the live edge. Bench is appoximately 39 inches long, 19 inches high and 14 inches wide. I have also started working on a cherry console...
  17. Log Reindeer for My Sister

    My sister is a sucker for Christmas kitsch. She saw one of these at an antique market and decided her brother needed a project. I had a ton of fun making it and trying to get the proportions somewhat correct. Just walk through the woods for material and use a drill with a spade bit. I used a...
  18. Red Wood Burl Table with Blackened Cherry Base

    56"x30"x21" Redwood burl top, blackened cherry log bottom.
  19. Door stop turned on a "dam" lathe

    My Dad had this log in his house as a door stop. He had picked it out of lake in Canada. It was truning at the top of a dam for same time. It looks like a piece of fire wood, he did have one that was almost a perfect sphere. A new spin on green turning LOL
  20. Natural Band Saw Box From A Log

    February, 2010-After some heavy duty pruning on a bush out back, I figured I could turn a chunk of it into a band saw box. Well, I did it! Not sure i would want to do many more of these, but I learn a thing or two doing this. For instance, the darker brown color is exactly how the wood looks...
1-20 of 364 Results