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  1. Ancient Submerged Sycamore Bog Log Slab Cut on Home built Monster bandsaw log mill table top sized

    I'm Back with More Log Milling Photos….. Since my last entry about the home built Log Mill, we've (I should say my project buddy) made some important improvements to the machine. We (he….you get the point) fixed the fuel and oil tank leaks (twice), added motorized moving blade guides on both...
  2. Finishing
    dyed a piece with a few coats of water based dye then sealed with shellac. I then applied a coat of GF high performance. After that had dried I took the dye filled sponge that I had kept in zip lock bag all night and wiped a very light glaze over the top as a toner. I never dipped it back in the...
1-2 of 2 Results