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  1. Off Grid Log Cabin: Laying Extra-Thick Logs Solo

    Hello folks, Back in 2015 during my vacation, I started to build a log cabin using fallen trees at Ladoga Lake. So, I decided to reclaim those extra-thick logs for my cabin's construction. I am a practicing lawyer based in St.Petersburg, Russia and can work on this colonization project only...
  2. My Off Grid Log Cabin

    Hello folks! Back in 2015 during my vacation, I started to build a log cabin using fallen trees at Ladoga Lake. As a side note: I purposefully didn't chop a single live tree for my cabin construction which made the task more difficult. I am a practicing lawyer based in St.Petersburg, Russia...
  3. Off Grid Log Cabin Built by One Man: Making Full Log Gables

    Hello folks! Here is a short video (10 min) in case you are interested on how to make a full log gables. Best, Max
  4. birdhouse 1.0

    ive always wanted to make a log cabin birdhouse. the top is just 1x pine laminated together to get the width i needed. Each log is just a dimensional 2×2 cut down.
  5. birdhouse 2.0

    birdhouse 2.0 has some upgrades. much larger in size, cedar shaked roof, landing peg out front as well as feeder tray! now i just need to get better at picture taking…
  6. Off Grid Log Cabin Built by One Man: Making a Bear Escape Door?

    Hello folks! The log cabin's construction is almost complete (this is the third episode). Frankly, I thought I would be fully done by now and looking back I'll say this: I could have built two cabins had I used skinny logs in their construction. Here's a problem for you guys: besides the fact...
  7. Making a Bear-proof Door in my Log Cabin (Traditional Build-in Pin Hinges' Design)

    Hello folks, In this video, I am making a bear-proof door from two large northern pine slabs milled with a chainsaw. The door is made with traditional build-in pin hinges that I have never seen in real life. The video gained over 1M views during the first week after it was published. I hope...
  8. Log Cabin

    This is a 1:12th cabin I built for my nephew. Hard to say good bye to this one.
  9. Carpentry in the Wilderness, Bushcraft and Moore

    Hello Folks! Just wanted to share this 4 min digest of my old and new projects (admittedly some are forged of metal). Let good people watch good videos! Max Egorov
  10. Log Pedestal

    Heres a log pedestal I made! It was very easy! The log is Elm wood Cut it rough in the yard… layed it on the shop bench.. Used a square to project a square line to cut.. Cut with the chainsaw, then 60 grit on an angle grinder, then finished with a palm sander and some linseed oil! Very...
  11. White Pine Log Cabin

    The White Pine Hunting Cabin is now complete. Ok, what's next? Rustic furniture, you say?
  12. My Log Cabin and Other Summer Projects

    Hello folks, More about my log cabin and other carpentry projects can be seen here Happy Holidays!
  13. Large Log Cabin Birdfeeder

    This is a large log cabin birdfeeder I built to scale (1"=1'). The cabin measures 2' x 4' with a 1' wrap around covered porch which makes the overall dimensions 4' x 6'. The feeder is mounted aprox. 6' off the ground on a real cherry tree base I had to cut due to disease. As you can see by the...
  14. Frontier Logs Play Set

    An aquaintance was asking if I knew where he could find plans for a log cabin play set (like the famous brand name we played with as kids) but my web searching found very little usable information. So, being me, I decided to figure it out myself. Above you see the results. I made all the parts...
  15. Dovetail Notched Log Cabin

    This is the third cabin I have built using my log dovetail jigs. I built it for under $8000. Much of the cost was for the woodstove, chimney and flooring. I have a detailed build log on my website:
  16. Log Cabin Birdhouse - to scale!

    My Mom's birthday is in mid- April. My daughter and I wanted to make her something that she would like, and out of wood. I came up with the idea of a log cabin birdhouse. She could enjoy it every time she looked out her back windows, and it would create some extra activity/entertainment for her...
  17. Thunder Proof Main Bath - Glass Panels

    Thunder proofing the main bathroom was a task that would require more time than a weekend visit to the cabin might offer. The openings between the main log rafters and the purlins were open air spaces from the great room to the bathroom ( lol …. now you get the picture!). We would jokingly...
  18. Home Office Cabinets

    When our second child came along, I had to give up my office for her bedroom. We had a nice unused nook in the master bedroom which I built these cabinets and the mahogany counter top for. The cabinets are pre-finished birch with painted poplar face frames. I am particularly proud of how the...
  19. Cherry Wood Paper Towel and Bag Holder

    After making the previous towel and bag holder my wife decided she wanted one for herself. This is the same concept but with a rustic log cabin look. I made this one out of cherry wood. I cut the logs into 5/8" square pieces and then used a 3/8" roundover bit on all four corners. The logs...
  20. Log Cabin License Plate Birdhouse

    I wish I could take credit for building this. It was a gift from my father in law a couple of years ago as a Christmas present. The roof is the front plate off of my truck, the last of the Texas plates since I moved to Washington. He even made the chimney. It is technically a birdhouse but I...
1-20 of 41 Results