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  1. Tapered Display Tower - Beetle-Kill Pine

    Technically, it's just about' finished. May get one more coat of spar varnish. May get 600 grit wet-sanded. May get paste wax applied. May get nothing more, in the finishing department. AND … the 1/4" baltic birch ply that I used as backer did NOT take the stain well, so I'll either re-do...
  2. Small Beetle Kill Pine Bookcase

    Hello there my name is Wesley and I am a 25 year old amateur woodworker who lives in Steamboat Springs, CO. This is my first project that I've put on here so please comment with your critique, advice and opinions. I have been an admirer of this site for about a year now and I figured it was...
  3. Stylus - remade from store bought

    I bought a case for a touch screen tablet that came with a free stylus. The stylus felt very cheap and really not worth purchasing on it's own. I tore this apart and glued the tip into a piece of beetle kill pine I turned on the lathe. A few coats of CA glue and it is a new stylus that doesn't...
  4. Floor Lamp

    Just got a new floor lamp finished for our living room. The pictures are taken with my phone, they may not be the best out there. We had a cheaper metal lamp with a sand counterweight in the bottom. We replaced it with this one. Made out of blue pine from local hardware store. Coated it with...
  5. truck caddy

    I got tired of stuff flying all over the cab of the truck when I went around sharp turns. So I picked up a little bit of lodgepole pine and this is what happened.
1-5 of 5 Results