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  1. Skull Cage

    Skull Cage Every once in awhile I see an opportunity to lock up something that is unusual and this Skull shaped vodka bottle seemed to be just the right thing. The vodka (if you haven't seen it) is special in that it was tripple filtered through crushed quartz crystals, and the glass bottle...
  2. Carpenter's Rule Puzzle Box

    The Carpenter's Rule This puzzle box is made from century old barn board that has been planned down to take the grey off, but still coloured underneath with many of the cracks in the top surface are still visible. To go with the old wood I recycled an old wooden yardstick and made them part of...
  3. Sphere Factor

    Sphere Factor I am always looking for the next puzzle challenge, and one day I came across this vintage tin box that had ornate embossing on five sides. Very cool in that these boxes came standard with a softwood lining, usually Cedar which is great since you can glue wood parts easily ontop...
1-4 of 4 Results