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  1. Mission Style Chair

    This was my first mission style piece of furniture I've built. The rays in the oak didn't pop as I would have liked, but overall, I was pleased with my first chair and learned a lot when I built the tables later. I cut the foam myself and had my mother (yes, my mother) sew the fabric. I thought...
  2. Rustic coat hooks

    Needed to find something that I could sell as a "carry away item" at craft shows and found coat hooks at the local fleas along with reclaimed pallet wood and left over live edge scraps I built these plus many more styles. They sell great, can't keep them.
  3. Raised Garden bed With "How-To"

    I had a long description written up about the project and what I've been up to lately, but the internet gods decided to delete it all. So…..if you have any questions just ask. I'm turning this raised garden bed into a "wicking bed" - if you don't know what that is, google it. Picture "how-to"...
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey all, I was hoping someone has had some experience using Anant planes. More specifically, I'm looking for an opinion from someone who has used it as well as the high dollar planes. From my quick research, they have a reputation of being a great value. Better than the hardware store...
  5. Hand Tools
    I am wanting to get deeper into the woodworker hobby, and I am at the point where I need hand planes. I have narrowed down my options to the following: (1) I could get a Lie Neilson #62 set with 3 blades for $500 and use it for chipping and in place of a #4 and #6 for now until I can afford...
  6. Hand Tools
    Hi All, I just got a brand new LA block plane from LN. It looks and feel amazing. I wanted to know do you generally flatten the back and hone the edge on a new plane from such a reputable dealer? Also, thoughts on putting a micro-bevel on it? Thanks, M
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    It finally arrived…a new LN bronze smoother. Boy is it great when scrap metal prices are so high right now to turn in and get some woodworking candy. I opened the box and behold! This doesn't look right! DISCLAIMER: Lets keep the LN vs LV vs Stanley etc…to a minimum. Yes I called the...
  8. Hand Tools
    I've got a couple of hand planes that I've really really enjoyed using which happen to mostly be from Lie-Nielsen. I've got one Woodriver block plane and a Veritas Shoulder Plane that I use occasionally (I've got a Lie-Nielsen Rabbet Block Plane that I hide the nickers on and use as my main...
  9. Blogs
    LN HAND TOOL EVENT at Furniture Institute of Massachusetts Anyone planning on Attending as well? I'm going to be there tomorrow SAT at ~10am when the show starts. It's in Beverly MA starts 10am till 5pm, Free Admission and looks like a very good event. more about it can be found here...
  10. Hand Tools
    Finally pulled the trigger. All the other planes I own are vintage. Can't wait to hone it.
  11. Marketplace Classifieds
    This item is pending sale. Gently used LN-102 (Iron) low angle block plane. I've had this for about a year and half, it works great but it's just never felt like the right size for my hands. Just purchased a different LN block plane that suits me better. No use having two… so my loss could be...
1-11 of 11 Results