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  1. Bandsaw box

    A couple years ago my in-laws in Maryland had a very large Linden tree come down. When we were down there for Christmas I brought back a number of log sections and they've been sitting in my workshop ever since, waiting for me to come up with something to do with them. I finally decided to saw...
  2. Miser

    From a series of human defects. "Miser". GAM It is made of a linden and covered with carnauba wax. Approximate Dimensions 12" х 4" х 6"
  3. One spoon, one tub & very happy one

    Spoon - linden, without coating. Tub staves - oak, aspen, linden; bottom - linden; without coating. stainless steel ring hold all this cutoffs (tub) without glue. in the begining tub planned as a stand for pencils. spoon planned as a spoon for sugar/ now it's all, all, all toys….......)))))
  4. Chip Carved Christmas Ornaments

    Shown are some of the many chip carved ornaments I've done over the years that were hung on the tree today. I started in the early 1980's and have carved a new pattern almost every year since then. Do you carve ornaments each year? How about sharing some pictures?

    Custom ordered leaf shaped platters - made of walnut, linden and olive wood. Finish food friendly wood oil. Router bowl technic, without template - freehanded, with wide custom made router plate made of 8mm lexan (last photo). Outer shape cut on bandsaw. All sanded on disc and oscillating...
  6. Little jewelry box

    I make this little box for my mothers birthday. I only use srcap wood from my wood shop, but it looks nice, i think :) I made it from Walnut, and the legs are Linden I finished it whit some mineral oil only.
  7. Resaw Jig Fix and Working

    Today has been a very busy day. I'm been quite depressed recently and in the last several days decided to get into the shop. Needless to say the work has done me some good emotionally. Yeah, those of you who read me know I've cared for my mom for the last five and half years. Now she's in a...
  8. Another cross with flowers

    I made another chipcarved flowery cross, this time as a present for a friend's confirmation.
  9. McKenna\'s Birthday Jewelry Box

    I've been collecting hardwoods from damaged or discarded tree trunks for the last 5 years…or more. This is the first project that I've made from this wood. It's a simple box for my first grandchild's 7th birthday. McKenna is her name. The wood top, bottom and drawer bottom are 1/4" maple...
  10. Singer

    H-23cm.,hand made,певун.
  11. Wooden Spoons

    Three spoons, I made last year. They are made of linden, and drenched in linseed-oil. I don´t know if they where that fun to carve (lost a lot of blood, rookie…), but it was the best form of meditation I have ever tried. Especially one day; when I was sitting on a small mountain, just me, a...
  12. Angler

    H-65 cm.
  13. Project: Score!! Linden and Cedar

    Getting me out of the house only happens one day a week…and four hours at that. Caring for an elderly parent keeps me from circulating. Today during my four hour stretch, I drove through one of the old neighborhoods in Rapid City…and noticed….noticed…a large pile of wood down by a house...
  14. Half hull model

    Halfhull model from lines plan Scale 1 : 12 Designed by Charles Sibbick 1894 Mahogani, linden and pear wood The ship can be seen on water i foto 2 Now on my wall in Denmark
  15. Turned Flowers and Vase

    Here's my Mothers Day project. This is my first attempt at turned flowers. I used green oak, linden, maple, cedar, and apple for the flowers. I think the vase is spalted maple of some sort. I used some twigs for the stalks. Tim
  16. Surf-ski whirligig

    I made this wind driven whirligig for my sister-in-law who recently had her 40th birthday. I thought it would be a nice gift since she is a proficient lifesaver and competes in surf-ski racing. Surf-skis are used worldwide for surf lifesaving, surf kayaking and for training and competition on...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi all, Hoping someone out there has an answer for me. Hours of Google searches have not yielded any results. I recently purchased a used Ryobi BS901. This will be my temporary bandsaw until I save up enough for a grown-ups bandsaw. (The BS901 is an older model 9" Bandsaw taking a 59 1/2"...
  18. Woodcarving
    For the Basswood (Linden wood) carvers, there is often the question of how the wood should be prepared for painting or staining. Fred Zavadil, a Canadian master wood carver, has a well presented method on his site . . . I would suggest that you also take...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey guys, I am on the craigslist trail again, this time searching for a bandsaw. I am looking for a long-term saw with a decent amount of power (probably at least 2 hp, I do have 220), that has the capability to occasionally resaw boards about 10" wide. I have a decent amount of experience with...
1-20 of 21 Results