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  1. Bumble

    This hollow form vase is turned from end grain Tree of Heaven wood. It measures 9" tall and 3.5" wide. It is finished with black aniline dye, blue aniline dye, spray lacquer, liming wax tinted yellow, and Briwax. All comments are welcome and appreciated.
  2. Dyed and Limed Oak Picture Frame

    Another Christmas present finished up. This frame is made with bridle joints and was finished with two coats of ebony black aniline dye followed by a coat of shellac and then Liberon's Liming wax. First time using the wax and I'm pretty happy with it.
  3. Granny Blues

    Granny Blues is turned from a Pin Oak tree harvested recently by a client. His grandmother planted this tree many years ago. I was commissioned to create some pieces from Granny's tree. I turned a couple of bowls and this hollow form vessel. It measures approximately 7.25 inches tall by 5.5...
  4. Ripple

    This is red elm turned to 2.75" tall by 5.5" wide. It is finished with leather dye, spray polycrylic, liming wax and Briwax.
  5. Cordoba (new photos)

    This is turned from catalpa and measures 3.5" tall by 6.25" wide. It is finished with leather dye, lacquer, liming wax, and Briwax. It is really tough to photograph. It has subtle shades of browns, reds and blacks. The flash blows out the colors and highlights the liming wax. It is more pleasing...
  6. Majestic

    This is a piece that really needs to be picked up and moved around in the sunlight. It is iridescent and changes colors quit nicely. The colors range from shades of black, purple and blue. It measures 3.5" tall by 6.5" wide and is turned from catalpa. It was dyed with purple leather dye and then...
  7. Lipstick on a Pig

    This bowl is turned from catalpa and measures 2.75" by 6.5". It is finished with leather dye, lacquer, liming wax, and Briwax. I really like how the color changes depending on lighting conditions and the angle. All comments are welcome.
  8. Cherry Hall Tree

    I thought I would share a project that I completed for my wife for Christmas. It is a coat tree or hall tree made of cherry. The coat hooks are actually made from horseshoes that I cut in half and welded onto home-made bracket. I've incorporated levelers on the base in order to even things...
  9. Cigar Ash

    This is an experiment in finishing techniques. The vessel is turned from Catalpa. It measures 4" tall by 6.5" wide. It is finished with black leather dye, wipe-on poly, liming wax, and Briwax. The next one I will use lacquer to get a better seal on the dye. The dye kept bleeding through and...
  10. Finishing
    I know how to ebonize wood. What I would like to do is highlight the wood grain (I'm using oak) in white. It's a technique called cerusing but I have not been successful so far. Here's what I've tried to date: - Ebonized the wood using a highly concentrated tea to add tannin then painting...
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    A couple years ago, I was foolish enough to show my friend a neat looking tool I had seen in a pawn shop and talked him into buying it. I was hoping that one day he'd let me use it, but before i got the chance, he moved away. I didn't know at the time that it was a router lathe. Ever since, I've...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    In my search for the best possible blotch control on Cherry wood I came accross water-based dewaxed shellac at the Targey Coatings site. The Product Yes, a water based shellac. Has anyone have experience with the product or one like it?
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Do you have any experience with of Accura woodworking equipment? I am talking with them about buying a 10" table saw. Accura is made in Taiwan. Thanks
  14. Finishing
    I have recently begun a project to build a white oak desk, and I want to keep the white oak look. If the color could stay like this: [1] I could be happy. I was stumped, I tried natural shellac, poly (straight out)...
  15. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Karson, this must be for you! <g>
1-15 of 15 Results