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  1. Carved Rose in Lime

    Hi, This is a small carving, overall it's about 280mm tall, the first photo shows my rose in a turned wooden vase. The rose is what I carved and the vase was turned by my late Father. I used Lime for this one but was never really happy with the wood, I find it too open grained, soft and easy...
  2. Faun Marionette

    This is my first post, so I apologize if it's rather amature. I carved him in a couple of months at university. He is the first thing I've ever carved so I made alot of mistakes, which I seem to have covered up well. To begin with I worked out the legs and arms in foam board, then make a mock...
  3. Experimental Paint Job

    Another experiment that went wrong but the wife liked it so I completed it. As you can see the paint shrank back leaving what appears to be cracks. Somehow the more I look at it the more I like it. It is 10 1/2" X 2" and I believe it is lime
  4. Hand Carved Jailer's Keys

    Three years ago my wife and I visited Zion National Park, Utah, USA for a few days during one of our touring holidays on the other side of the pond and one day after a nice hike, we stopped at Wildcat Willies in Springdale for some food. It was a welcoming place and I quickly made a new...
  5. titty candlestick

    Made of lime-tree. I made it [of course] for my wife, a few years ago. This is my very first sculpture, so it is imperfect :D , but I like it.
  6. Starry, Starry Night

    Starry, Starry Night was inspired by contemporary Japanese boxes, and in particular the work Suda Kenji. He has the status of a 'Living National Treasure' - Holder of an Important Intangible Cultural Property, Moku-kogei (Fine Woodwork). He is an exceptional 'Fine Woodworker' with his own...
  7. Restoration of eagle

    Photos of finished restoration. More info in blog. Polychromy is not my part of work.
  8. Three Hares Relief Carving

    Wood: Lime Relief: 6mm Method: 100% hand tools I was due to visit Mads in Denmark for a week next week but we've had to postpone it for the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I told him some time ago that I would make him something to present to him when I visited and decided to...
  9. First Caricature Carving

    This is my first caricature carving attempt,it took me about 3hours to carve with knives and chisels.It is made from lime wood and finished with acrylic paint.I have loads more blocks of lime so this is the first of many!
  10. Money box

    I made this money box as a gift for a friend who perform the christening for her baby. She is romanian, but married in Belgium. The box is Romania map, and the woodburning represent our ancestors (yes, Dracula too), and on the back, I compose a small poem where the first letter of every lyric...
  11. Welsh Love Spoon

    I carved this Welsh Love Spoon over the course of about 4 weeks in my hotel room, working on it two nights in any given week. It is made from Lindenwood and measures approximately 12 5/8" long. For those of you who missed it, I wrote a 5 part blog detailing what each element means and how I went...
  12. Love Spoon

    I set out to carve this for our wedding anniversary on 31 st January - I overshot the target date and got it completed just in time for St Valentine's Day! It was well received by my wife. I've been carving just under a year, so I'm quite well pleased with this as a first serious project. Lots...
  13. French swirl - woodcarving

    French Swirl - European lime. Size 36"
  14. Chip carving

    ...geometry, patience, Mel Bartel's or Dennis Moor's book and 2 sharpened knifes. That's all you need. Someday, I'll be better than my dad. P.S. Of course… you need a bandsaw, jointer, planer, table saw….
  15. Woodcarving
    Hi, any help/links would be appreciated as I'm new to wood carving and I'm trying to find somewhere that sells good quality carving blanks, lime wood especially. I'm in Penzance, the most South Westerly place possible, and don't have a whole lot of local options when it comes to wood blanks, so...
  16. Blogs
    Board 1 out of 16 Hi everybody, I started learning wood carving. I have found that ther is not many websites that shows how to carve. So I did it….my way. In the process of wood carving, it's not but working with wood fiber direction and sharpened gouges. And believe me, without the last...
  17. Blogs
    Design and tools Well, let me start by saying this is my very first post. I love designing new furniture (Dressers, Couches, Tables, Cribs, Shelves, Beds, Etc.) and have found it a real joy building what I design. I unfortunately do not have any professional tools or many tools in fact, but...
  18. Blogs
    Frame Me and my schoomates are learning how to carve (fore some of them it's new). We are making lost parts of rocoque painting frame. As first we made studies and clay models. My schoolmates: This is my test piece (not final):
  19. Blogs
    Wood for sale in Lansing, Michigan Hey you LumberJocks, I find myself in the unfortunate position of needing to sell off some wood, so I thought I'd see if any LumberJocks would be interested. What wood does he have, you might ask? Let me list a bit of it for you. Basswood($2.00 per board...
  20. Blogs
    Grinling Gibbons For all those who have an interest, BBC Four aired a programme last night on the life and work of Grinling Gibbons the renowned 17th Century carver. The programme is available to watch on BBC iPlayer via this link . If the site is not...
1-20 of 20 Results