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  1. Horses, Herd, Plains, Prairie, Lightning on the Plains

    When I first saw this picture I knew I wanted to make it. Some things just hit you like that, you just know. It may not be the most diffiicult picture that I have done, but I do like it. This picture is very delicate with the lightning coming down from the sky, but the glass will keep it from...
  2. Pallet Wood + Live Edge= Box

    I disassembled some pallets and milled the wood down and found a nice planks that were the perfect size for a small box. I didn't have enough for the top so I used a piece of live edge apple. Some hand cut dovetails, some glue and hinges produced a usable box that sits next to my chair in the tv...
  3. LightningWood Dinner Table

    table renovation , started out with green sides and legs, and brown top - the legs i sanded and electrocuted, the sides got sanded, stained, then sanded again, and the top just got sanded and all poly'ed.
  4. Blogs
    friends of wood shaver (tony) hey guys id like to pass along something from our buddy tony (wood shaver) who lives on the florida coast,in the likely path of hurricane irma.i pm him yesterday and he sent me a response from his cell phone,his internet is out due to a lightning strike he says...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    I think this tree got struck by lightning. It was not like this until after some thunderstorms rolled through here. There are pieces sticking out from the cracks and bark laying on the ground about 50 feet away. Will this be usable for lumber? I believe it is an oak tree.
1-5 of 5 Results