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  1. 1st lighthouse

    Base and roof is out of 3/4 pine. 1/4 in plywood for the window cutouts and plexy for the windows. Used a solar landscape light with the base removed for the light.
  2. Psuedo-scroll saw projects

    So I decided to try my hand at some scroll saw projects. The only problem is that I don't actually own a scroll saw. I mounted my jigsaw under a simple table, and worked with thin baltic birch pieces. I know it's not as precise as it could be, but I was pleased with the layered results. The...
  3. Garden Lighthouse

    I've been wanting to make a garden lighthouse for a couple years now. By chance I was looking through a tool catalog that I got from of all places, my wood turning club meeting and found a nice plan for a lighthouse I bought the plans about a year ago and finally got around to building it. It...
  4. Lighthouse Cutting Board

    This is a commissioned piece for a friend at work. A week ago, I was asked if I could make a lighthouse-shaped cutting board. I had to think a little bit in order to come up with what you see here, but the pattern finally emerged and was approved. I usually don't make edge-grained boards, but...
  5. Rocky Overlook

    "Rocky Overlook" This carving was done with a Dremel, and measures 9×39x3/4 inches. The wood is Aromatic Cedar, I chose the wood because of its imperfections (which give me the subject idea) It is finished with Polycrylic. This is a tall rocky cliff with a lighthouse overlooking clouds. There...
  6. Lighthouse

    I completed the Lighthouse using Blue Pine, Pau Amarillo, Cherry, Poplar, Hard Maple, Bloodwood, Brazilian Rosewood, Curly Maple, Butternut, and Ebony. It's a Troy Lichthardt design.
  7. North Point Lighthouse

    I used Poplar, Butternut, Sycamore, Yellowheart, Padauk, Spalted Maple, Blue Pine, Walnut, Teak and it is framed in Walnut. I used TiteBond Ultimate for the first time. I really liked it as it has a longer setup time and allows more minor adjustments for a longer period.
  8. Lighthouse Stand

    My neighbor bought this lighthouse at a craft show but it set too low so she wanted a base for it. I tried to give it a seaside look. All the naterials were salvaged. 2×12 base salvaged from on new home construction site. 1/2 in dowels are from old sponge brushes. 5/8 ply insert...
  9. Laborious Lighthouse

    I was out in my woodshop looking at all of my scrap and decided I would build a lighthouse for beside the fireplace. It was an adventure. There were many angle calculations, bevel cuts, delicate details and a lot of patience involved. I built a jig to cut the base at about a 3 degree taper over...
  10. Stormy Lighthouse

    This is the 2nd in a series of Lighthouses I plan to Burn. It is burned on Red Cedar & measures 11" by 14".
  11. Lighthouse Decoration

    This is a lighthouse that turned on the lathe. Got the wood from a large pallet I think its pine but not sure. I stained it and put about ten coats of clear on it. It measures 3 1/2" round and 12" tall.
  12. Turtles at Tybee

    Turtles at Tybee, Pyrography on Red Cedar. This measures 11" x 17". I have been to Tybee Island Lighthouse several times. Tybee is very protective of Baby Sea Turtles. It seemed only fitting that I add them to this picture. I had a hard time with them, I burned them too dark, then tried to...
  13. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 7 ft. Tall

    One of the many lighthouses I've designed and built. I made this one about 3 years ago.
  14. Lathe Art Collages

    My first home was over 100 years old. When I did some renovations I saved the Lathe that was in the walls. Plaster was spread over the lathe back then. There was no sheet rock panels. One day I decided that I would try my hand at making some art collages from it. Its just like making a photo...
  15. A Pair of Patio Lighthouses

    This project started out as a gift for someone. However halfway through I realized the relative sizes were wrong (out of scale) between the first two pieces built, so I split the project in two and built an additional tower to fit the original house, and a new house to fit the original tower -...
  16. Standing Guard

    I finished up a stained glass lighthouse pattern this morning. I used Red Oak for the outer frame, Walnut for the inner frame. I also used Butternut, Aspen, Red Heart, Yellowheart, Cherry, poplar, Purpleheart, Blue Pine, and Aromatic Red Cedar. The pattern is terrific done by J. Emerson Behnke.
  17. Pelicans at Key Biscayne

    The Cape Florida Light at Key Biscayne Fl. I decided to wrap this piece in rope (almost :) This is a Pyrography on Red Cedar. It measures 11" x 19"
  18. Lighthouse

    This lighthouse is made of walnut, red oak, and poplar.
  19. Stormy Sentinel

    Pyrography done on Red Cedar 11" x 17". The scenery is from our Washington State trip, the lighthouse is an added afterthought. Lighthouse burnings are moving right along, since I am recently unemployed :) I overburned a couple of rocks, I need to be careful of getting everything too dark.
  20. Bird Light House

    I wanted to build a birdhouse in a typical lawn ornament-- a common thing to see in a yard, but not a common place for a birdhouse. I made a bird-lighthouse. I am not a professional carpenter by any means. I am a music teacher. I wanted to use this project to learn new skills and jointery...
1-20 of 41 Results