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  1. Light Fixture

    As I walked through my kitchen a couple of weeks ago the light fixture fell from the ceiling and knocked me to the floor! I was not injured seriously, but I started pricing new light fixtures. Holy buckets they want a lot of money for cheesy made in China crap, I was looking at $600 to $1000...
  2. From Chandelier to Wall Sconces

    Hi ya'll, It has been a while since I posted any projects, life got in the way. Anyway, when we built our house I intentionally made accommodations for five wall sconces in our living room. Ten years later all that was on the walls was white covers over the outlet boxes (pic #2). Why? I...
  3. Two Cherries Trestle Table & Chairs

    This set had been rolling around in my head for about a year before I started building it. I knew I wanted to build a trestle table for our dining area and chairs that were simple and elegant. I chose American black cherry and Jatoba, commonly known as Brazilian cherry. The table top is cherry...
1-3 of 3 Results