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  1. Leigh dovetail jig

    Well, I did it I bought a Leigh Dovetail Jig. You know it's one of those items that you think you just can't do without. I decide that if I was going to spend that kind of money I might as well make a box to hold all the miscellaneous items in and if I'm going to make a box I had better carve on...
  2. Sewing box in walnut and lacewood

    Like many Lumberjocks, my favourite things are boxes. This is my wife's sewing box and it's one of her favourite things. The Lacewood is, I believe, quarter sawn London Plane (Platanus x hispanica?). There appear to be other timbers with that same name. I used the Leigh jig for the dovetail...

    Hello All, This is the steam box that I use to bend the parts for the chairs that I am building. This box is quite a bit longer than it needs to be for my parts but I'm fine with that. I was just going from memory and pics of the steamer that was used at my classes which was shorter( 8') and...
  4. Chest

    Hello fellow Lumberjocks, I built this chest to be auctioned off at a March of Dimes fundraiser earlier this year. It was a joy to build and I learned a WHOLE bunch from this one. I used a Leigh D4R to cut the dovetails.
  5. 6 Candle center piece

    This was a fun winter project. It is used regularly. The top was sanded to 1000 and helps with the flame reflection.
  6. Nightstand Set

    My daughter asked for a set of night stands for Christmas to go with the bed I made her. Technical details: 20" square top, 24" tall, 4-1/2" x 13" dovetail drawer, 13" x 14" shelf Nightstand wood is cherry, stained with dark walnut. The drawer is maple, also stained with dark walnut...
  7. Leigh D4R Pro cabinet

    I've documented this project in my blog. I've had the Leigh D4R Pro jig for a while, and it is cumbersome to store and set up. I decided to make two cabinets to replace a larger workbench and make them match the height of my Sawstop. The other is a router table, and I designed this to make it...

    Holds 20 coffee cups hung by the handle. Oak ply, Red Oak, Copper, and Brass.
  9. Train Table

    This was supposed to be used for those wooden train sets. There is a lower drawer/shelf that can be pulled out from either side.
  10. Corner Table

    Red Oak Corner table
  11. My Shavehorse

    Well as I have asked for shavehorse plans and specs a week or 2 ago, This is the shavehorse I have whipped up myself with the help from others' projects. Its a solid cedar project and a very simple project. Many people think this is nothing but useless but think twice you may be in awe about...
  12. Drill Press Tool Organizer Cabinet

    Wood project number 3. I keep learning juust a bit more with each and every project and each one goes a bit smoother than the last. I needed a way to keep all my drilling and aluminum finishing supplies right at hand so I built this simple wall cabinet/shelf/pegboard thing to sit behind my...
  13. Maple Burl Turkey Call #2

    This is the other half of the big leaf maple burl I bought. Finish is clear stain then 6 coats of Deft lacquer that is sanded to 12000 grit. The surfaces are copper over glass and it sounds great. probably the best sounding call I have made to date
  14. Anniversary card box.

    We neede a box to store our 50th wedding anniversary cards in and a shoe box just didn't seem to be fitting so I build the box out of some black walnut and maple. I build 3 and made jewelry boxes out of the other two.
  15. Stowable Router Table

    I am limited to a one car garage for my workshop so I make every attempt to make the best use of the space. A lot of this entails making my tools and accessories stowable. This was not only my first attempt at a router table but also my first attempt workshop project. My original plan was to...
  16. KUBISK Night Stands

    These nightstands are part 1 of a bedroom suite project for one of my boys. He asked if I could do a cantilevered top combined with the square-ish design we had sketched out. These are cherry and 18"w x 25" h x 18" d. There is more information on the build and the secret to support the top on...
  17. Hope Chest - Walnut

    Hi, Here's the walnut version of the hope chest. Fun project, easy to build. The kids really love them. Again, this is made with the Leigh Jig. This one is finished with 2 coats of Deft.
  18. Mario Brothers Back Drop

    In my opinion there is no better Mario game then the original 1985 Super Mario Brothers Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Why not mix a little of the old with a little of the new!!! Check out complete detail at web site
  19. Paper Recycling Bin

    I wanted to try out my new Leigh D4R Jig and decided to make a small recycling bin for under my desk. There's definitely some learning to do before you use the jig, but in the end it made short work of these dovetails. I just threw some scrap pine together and I think the way the dovetails...
  20. Civil War Sesquicentennial Shelf Clock

    I saw a clock similar to this one in the museum town of Sturbridge, MA last year and decided to build a replica. The case is solid black walnut. The door was painted by my daughter and depicts 3 local Civil War sites, the Rutherford Co, TN courthouse, the Confederate Statue, and a monument on...
1-20 of 71 Results