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  1. "Piece of a Beach" Shells with LEDs in a Rustic Picture Frame

    I made this frame using scraps and shells I collected. I used LED lights under shells. I used epoxy to mimic a wave. Its for WFC (Woodworkers Fighting Cancer) drive this year. Please see the video as well at
  2. Water lily night light

    (I realize this project is mixed media, so if it does not comply with the "Wood Only" rule for posted projects I apologize) I wanted to make my niece a 3rd birthday present that she could -hopefully- keep for many years, rather than something too childish or girly. I had some RGB LED strip and...
  3. Led Epoxy River Electric Lift Desk

    Finally got around to getting the lift desk done for the shop more and getting the office corner set up. I wanted to do something different not just a wood or epoxy top so mixed in a few different techniques as well as a few ideas I wanted to try and see how it would turn out. What do you guys...
  4. Mask

    Here's a mask I carved and decided to display behind a two-way mirror. While building the frame to house both the mask and the mirror, I drilled holes in the side panels and wrapped a strip of LED tape around the external perimeter of the inner wall. I then wired the lights to a dimmer control...
  5. Layered Lamp

    I saw this lamp on a website and decided to make it. Each layer can move independent of the rest. I just like the spiral look the best. The largest diameter layer, and base, are 14" dia. The total height is 20". I used cheap pine boards, not even poplar, from my local big box store. I...
  6. Focus on the Workspace
    This is a shop lighting project that changes t-8 to LEDS. It made a big difference in the lighting. I pick up the LEDS from Sam's club. I attached brackets to them and screwed the to ceiling.
  7. Blogs
    Review of WoodRiver Shop Lights at Originally submitted at Woodcraft Buy Both and Save! Includes the LED Dual Power Shop Light and the LED Dual Power Shop Light with Magnifying Glass. WoodRiver® Shop Lights These are Great! By cmckerliesr from Aberdeen,NC on 12/14/2009 5out...
  8. Blogs
    Diamond Willow & Agate Cabin Bed Lights In the summer I work on a remote wildland fire initial attack base in a remote part of SW Alaska. I stay in a small 13' x 15' dry cabin. The lights above my bed when I moved in were these ugly canister lights that were in your face and too bright. I knew...
1-8 of 8 Results